Patina Maldives Fari Islands

With global travel being revived, Patina’s debut Maldives resort offers an intriguing take on destination luxury. Situated at Fari Islands and featuring lush natural surroundings combined with plenty of events.

90 modern one- to three-bedroom beach and water pool villas provide the ideal balance of sanctuary and stimulation, featuring 12 dining concepts (including a traveling food truck ) in Fari Marina Village and Beach Club’s thriving social hub.

The Experience

Maldives is a destination that prizes privacy and exclusivity, with most resorts on private islands with butler service for guests – something one would find at an established luxury property such as Cheval Blanc or newcomers such as Patina in Fari Islands. But unlike those two properties, Patina embraces more community-minded hospitality by creating shared vacation experiences rather than traditional hotel stays.

Studio MK27’s Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan created an innovative biophilic property at Studio MK27 Resort that provides visitors with experiences grounded in nature and well-being. At the core of it all stands the James Turrell Skyspace Pavilion: its light-filled chamber draws visitors indoors and out into an immersive art installation which plays with space and time, while two continually expanding organic gardens grow herbs and vegetables that fuel both Helios open-air Mediterranean restaurant and Roots plant-based eatery’s menus.

But more than its unique architecture, the resort stands out from others in Maldives with its approach to hospitality. Its 90 contemporary one- to three-bedroom beach and water pool villas as well as 20 studios aim to embody harmony between sanctuary and stimulation; at its center lies an engaging social scene complete with restaurants, bars, shops, yacht dock slips – making this an exceptional Maldives property!

Patina offers visitors who prefer lounging in their villa the support of its “Essentialist” staff and an itinerary filled with activities designed to add the Patina touch, such as dolphin spotting on Adastra superyacht, wine and cheese tasting at Farine, traditional overwater spa that moves on-land for low-lying cubic treatment rooms scattered about its grounds and more.

At Brasa, modeled after an Argentinian steakhouse, diners can indulge in Patagonian Steak House cuisine where elemental ingredients are transformed into delectable gestures of fire and flavor. And at Wok Society – an upbeat social club serving visually tantalizing Asian creations alongside avant-garde craft beers – diners can feast their eyes while sipping fresh pints of avant-garde beers in an atmosphere evoking Hong Kong’s chic and convivial spirit.

The Accommodation

Patina Hotels & Resorts’ inaugural resort was envisioned to serve as an embodiment of their carefully curated hospitality in Maldives. Not content to just encase guests in over-water villas, Patina encourages its guests to venture outside of their suites (usually accompanied by personal butlers known as Essentialists who can be reached via WhatsApp for any needs) into vibrant social spaces for lively interaction or try bucket list activities with an unexpected twist that will show the Maldives from an entirely different angle.

At this resort, there is an emphasis on harmony between sanctuary and stimulation that can be seen in its 110 contemporary beach and water pool villas and studios, situated along sun-kissed shores or on stilts over lapping seas. Their low architectural lines line up perfectly with the horizon, and large floor-to-ceiling windows slide back for seamless interior-exterior interaction, with natural shades like neutrals and earth tones creating an engaging dialogue with nature; organic textures with matte surfaces come together perfectly with Arcadian materials like soft woods, stones, soft textiles to complete this stunning environment.

Rooms boast private pools and spacious terraces with lounge areas and daybeds, along with amenities such as Nespresso coffee machines, minibars and designer toiletries from Nespresso. Bathrooms include rain showers as well as separate bathtub and/or Jacuzzis; each flat-screen satellite TV/DVD player/CD and MP3 dock is also included in each bathroom.

At this property, guests can take advantage of in-room dining as well as multiple restaurants and bars on site to satisfy their dining needs. There’s also a spa on site as well as access to its private marina where yachts can dock.

Outshone by its on-site eateries, the surrounding island boasts some of the finest dining in Maldives. Brasa restaurant draws inspiration from cuisine found throughout Patagonia where chefs hone their open fire skills to celebrate “nature’s given kitchen”. Or for those seeking adventure, Fari Islands Marine Park provides an ideal place for snorkeling amidst Maldives vibrant coral reef.

The Dining

Patina Maldives Fari Islands marks the debut premium resort from Patina Maldives, featuring an elegant design inspired by nature’s coexistence. Utilizing materials like rattan, paper string, woods and bleached timber strips to evoke an earthy sense of calm; further accentuated by sandstone floors, bleached timber strips and wooden slatted ceilings.

Gastronomy is at the core of this new lifestyle resort, featuring handpicked head chefs who bring their distinct styles into each eatery’s cuisine. At Roots – an experience focused on plant-based dining – chef Derrick Wales takes diners on a culinary journey featuring ingredients sourced from both of Roots’ ever-expanding herb and vegetable gardens; guests are taken through delicious courses such as cauliflower quinoa with artichoke presented three ways and dairy-free cheesecake that tastes just like its dairy counterpart; these chefs show us that plant-based cuisine can just as exciting.

Gastronomic highlights at the resort include Helios, an open-air Mediterranean restaurant that celebrates both classic and artisanal cooking techniques; Koen, where Japanese culinary artistry fuses with Scandinavian style; and Fari Beach Club, an energetic beachfront social hub. Furthermore, there is also a wellness area featuring quality products and advanced scientific technologies that enable guests to experience Watsu, flotation and red light therapy treatments and experiences.

At this brand’s resorts, their commitment to sustainability is clear at every turn, from innovative energy conservation strategies and environmental protection measures, such as zero-waste kitchen practices to comprehensive coral propagation initiatives – they strive to set new standards in marine conservation in Maldives.

Fari Marina Village exudes an energetic community-focused vibe along its beachfront promenade, boasting fashion boutiques, an art gallery, restaurants and food trucks that showcase vibrant Bedouin tent-inspired tents from Lebanon and North India – from Arabesque’s shareable mezze platters and tandoor-grilled meats, delicious hookah cocktails to Go Go Burger’s delectably juicy burgers or pastry chef Tutun Mondrial’s ever-evolving gelato truck Tuk Tuk Gelato showcases an ever-changing variety of flavours and more!

The Adventures

Patina Hotels & Resorts’ inaugural premium resort offering, Patina Maldives Fari Islands offers modern travelers a refreshing take on villa stays. Comprised of 90 exquisitely appointed one-, two- and three-bedroom beach and water villas as well as 20 Fari Studios for added sanctuary, Fari Islands strikes an idyllic balance between tranquility and stimulation.

At every turn, the hotel embodies its brand’s dedication to environmental care by adhering to their “nose-to-tail, root-to-leaf philosophy that reduces waste while advocating for plant-based diets and providing health benefits through plant-based cuisine. Their herb garden has been expanded successfully to grow ingredients used across their restaurants; refillable bottles are mandatory throughout and solar panels provide half of their required energy requirements for operations.

Maldivian ocean adventures provide guests with unforgettable ocean adventures to showcase its spectacular natural beauty. Sea kayaking, boating and paddle boarding are among the many thrilling aquatic pursuits available for guests to experience the unique splendor of Maldives. Explore North Male Atoll reefs or uncover an underwater cave. Those seeking something less energetic have various spa treatment or yoga session opportunities on private beaches or sandbanks available as relaxing alternatives.

Patina Maldives offers not only ocean-based activities, but also land-based excursions for guests seeking to gain a greater insight into this culturally rich destination. Experience its beauty, creativity and discovery or find their own personal momentum whether that be newness, stillness or vital togetherness – whatever they may seek!

For guests seeking to capture memories of their stay, the hotel offers photo expeditions and workshops led by Essentialists. In addition, an on-site photography studio helps capture iconic images from Patina Maldives Fari Islands’ guests’ stay. If you want an extraordinary vacation that leaves you inspired and connected, contact a Virtuoso travel advisor now and book your journey to Patina Maldives Fari Islands.

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