As we emerge from pandemic darkness, JOALI BEING Maldives provides travelers a chance to recharge both travel (and health). An Indian Ocean islet offers guests Zen-inducing overwater villas set amidst forest trails specifically designed to heal sound vibrations.

The 73-room property was constructed with sustainability in mind. It boasts a desalinating water bottling plant and recycling program on site – two eco-friendly initiatives among many others.


Joali Being, a nature-immersive retreat on Bodufushi Island in Raa Atoll that opened its doors in 2018, stands out as an unparalleled wellness retreat. The first wellness specialist hotel in Maldives, it focuses on four wellbeing pillars – mind, skin, microbiome (gut health), and energy – providing programs and treatments tailored specifically to individual guests based on intelligent movement analysis and an integrative health assessment upon arrival.

The entire property was designed according to biophilic principles, meaning that elements from nature have been integrated into its design for an overall atmosphere of calm, relaxation and connection with its environment.

Visitors to JOALI Spa by ESPA can take advantage of its world-class facilities, which include treatment rooms, saunas, steam rooms, ice fountains, hydrotherapy pools and an outdoor Discovery Sound Path. Furthermore, there is a yoga sala cantilevered over water as well as Technogym fitness center and an archipelago’s first cryotherapy chamber – creating a wellness utopia!

Aktar Juicing Bar provides custom herbal infusions designed to reduce stress, boost energy and give a glow, while Herbology Academy allows guests to learn about plant-based healing. Furthermore, there is a full-time chef on staff at Flow Restaurant that teaches cooking classes as well as creating menus.

At Flow, breakfast and dinner are served throughout the day in an enjoyable setting. Their fresh, healthy cuisine offers options like the B’Well Joali Being menu listing calories, carbs, proteins and fats or try more unique offerings such as Berried French Toast or Indian-Style Scrambled Eggs (Akuri).

Individuals looking to maintain their workout regimen while away can take advantage of the resort’s state-of-the-art gym, equipped with cardio equipment and Technogym’s latest high-tech machines from Technogym. Outdoor enthusiasts can go swimming, snorkeling and diving or join the Water sports team on one of their excursions; alternatively they could join one of Maldives’ turtle conservation sanctuaries or participate in their Reef Restoration Programme which grows coral in an indoor nursery before transplanting it back onto its respective reefs.


As the Maldives’ inaugural art-immersive resort, JOALI BEING celebrates life. Situated on Bodufushi island in Raa Atoll and featuring 73 private beach and water villas – including some of the world’s best spa facilities and culinary arts that rival even those found elsewhere – JOALI BEING offers unparalleled luxury in sustainable glamour.

Culinary offerings at the resort follow an earth-to-table approach with ingredients sourced locally while supporting local farmers. Nutritionists at the retreat have carefully curated its menu in order to offer healthy yet indulgent dining options.

Flow is the main dining venue of Joali Being and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner service daily. Their extensive menu offers vegan- and vegetarian-friendly choices in addition to ocean-to-table and the signature B’Well Joali Being menu.

Mura Bar provides cocktails and light snacks, plus an ice cream and chocolate room, for your dining pleasure. Additionally, there are numerous dining destinations nearby including a beach dining option as well as art immersive Manta Ray treehouse dining experiences. Additionally, guests may opt to dine at one of several restaurant spots such as beach dining or an art immersive Manta Ray tree house experience.

Her Kitchen offers guests an exclusive culinary experience at Her Kitchen Resorts. Chefs are on hand to teach guests how to recreate some of Her Kitchen Resorts’ most beloved dishes.

Aktar Herbology Center provides visitors with herbal remedies and teas specially crafted to boost mind, skin, microbiome, energy levels and overall well-being.

Hotel guests will have access to an ultra-modern gym equipped with cutting-edge Technogym equipment, tennis court and large pool that overlooks a lagoon. A yoga pavilion and massage room are also on site.

JOALI BEING Maldives offers the ideal retreat for travelers seeking to combine luxury and wellness in an unforgettable location. Its enchanting and vibrant ambience is created by an eclectic combination of carefully curated design elements, tactile materials and custom furnishings – creating an idyllic yet vibrant setting on its tear-shaped island that feels intimate yet connected to nature. Staff at this retreat take great pride in sharing their knowledge and love of Maldives with guests.


JOALI BEING Maldives, founded by Turkish entrepreneur Esin Gural Argat (who created an art-immersive resort in 2018), stands out as a truly exceptional wellness resort that will help you let go of whatever has been holding you back. Opening in November 2021 with 68 villas and innovative features (such as turtle-shaped dining treehouse), lush tropical grounds and the signature presence of a naturopath guide guests on their wellness journeys.

Dining here can be an exquisite experience, featuring intricately-crafted and artistically presented meals designed with both well-being and flavor in mind. Their cuisine follows an ‘earth to table’ initiative with sustainable harvesting supporting small farms. Flow, the main food and beverage venue at the resort, features three interactive kitchens: Plantae provides vegetarian and vegan cuisine; Su features ocean-to-table pescatarian fare; while B’Well serves up signature resort menu items. Mojo Beach Sanctuary provides another F&B option, where meals can be enjoyed under the sun while sunset aperitifs by the water are also served. Sai Tea Lounge serves an incredible selection of teas as well as hosting ceremonies and learning sessions led by their resident tea sommelier.

As for other activities, there’s plenty to keep you occupied: yoga on the beach; learning to make your own custom kimono with a local designer; or exploring the Maldives marine-scape with Resident Marine Biologists Ida-Wenona Hendriks and Shameem Ali who can teach coral frame building for their resort’s reef restoration program – an important step toward recovering from 2016 bleaching event that destroyed up to 85 percent of reefs worldwide.

At this resort, children can also find recreational activities to keep them occupied, from ceramic art classes and archery to tailor-made tennis lessons from experienced tennis pros. But their favorite feature will likely be “Dive Into Happiness”, designed specifically to meet their specific needs such as deep relaxation, stress recovery and digestive reset – helping support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in every aspect of life.


The resort offers an array of experiences designed to help guests achieve greater balance and purpose in their lives, such as wellness treatments, guided mindful and movement practices, nutritional guidance, and self-care rituals.

Wellness immersion programs are tailored around four key pillars of wellbeing – mind, skin, microbiome and energy – in order to facilitate a transformative journey and support specific health objectives such as deep relaxation, stress recovery and digestive reset.

Visitors to JOALI BEING can experience sound healing for themselves at Discovery Sound Path, an immersive space designed by Aurelio C. Hammer to restore inner balance and connect. Acoustic vibrations used here combine with nature-inspired sounds and harmonic frequencies accompanied by soothing massage by our professional therapist.

A team of skilled practitioners and teachers guides guests through an array of transformational practices. Additionally, Areka Spa offers 39 treatment rooms as well as facilities such as an ice grotto, sauna, steam baths, vitality pools, garden and lockers – further supporting this program.

With an emphasis on sustainability and female empowerment, the resort hosts regular talks and workshops to educate its guests in areas related to self-care and wellness. Furthermore, there is a wellness library featuring books on various subjects including mindfulness meditation nutrition yoga personal growth etc.

At JOALI BEING Maldives, there are also an array of recreational activities on offer ranging from watersports and ocean explorations to land-based pursuits. Beachgoers can indulge in non-motorised watersports to explore Raa Atoll’s abundant marine life; fitness enthusiasts can keep up their routine at the on-site gym.

Joali BEING stands out as an exceptional option among Raa Atoll five-star properties for those seeking peace and solitude. Travel to Joali BEING is convenient with either a 45-minute seaplane ride from Male or a scheduled domestic flight arriving in Ifuru; coach class seating makes the journey all the more relaxing as well!

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