Cora Cora Resort Maldives

Cora Cora Resort Maldives enjoys an idyllic setting on Maamigili island and boasts an idyllic turquoise lagoon setting. Offering Premium All-Inclusive services with 100 beautiful villas and four restaurants that serve a range of international cuisine, Cora Cora Resort Maldives is truly an unparalleled resort experience.

Accommodation options at each of these impressive resorts have been thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind, from beach villas and two-bedroom lagoon pool villas with slides.

Museum of Island Heritage

Cora Cora Resort Maldives stands out as the only resort in Maldives offering guests a museum to learn more about Maldives culture and heritage. Situated on Maamigili in Raa Atoll, this modern five-star hotel features 100 villas spread out along an idyllic lagoon.

At the museum, you’ll discover more than 400 captivating artifacts that shed light on the early inhabitants of these islands. Ranging from 17th-century porcelain from China’s Qing dynasty to cowrie shells used as currency, you will discover an immense treasure trove here.

Visitors to the island can also explore ancient water wells and an excavated pre-Islamic sunken bath dating back 900 years, along with exploring its foundations as well as an Islamic cemetery on a guided tour.

On the beach, you can explore miles of palm-fringed powder-white sand with palm trees framing it, while diving into its clear waters to witness colourful marine life. Reaching the house reef takes only seconds and you will have the support of our diving team for an adventure full of discovery!

Cora Cora Resort embraces their motto of It’s Freedom Time by creating an environment to help guests rediscover themselves in many different ways. Your room might feature stacks of books and ping-pong table to read from, while spa services provide experiences designed to nourish both body and soul. Plus, all amenities and beauty products used at Cora Cora resort come packaged in paper bags in order to reduce waste, while bulk purchasing local produce supports local communities while minimising packaging – efforts which have contributed towards Green Globe certification this year!


The resort provides the ideal space for relaxation and rejuvenation, featuring an Asian-inspired Spa Suite as well as yoga sessions in their Pavilion, plus wellness activities like meditation, qigong and tai chi. If diving is your passion then take advantage of their PADI 5-Star dive center which offers everything from Discover Scuba Diving courses all the way up to professional-level training programs – everything to help make this stay memorable!

Indian Ocean waters teeming with marine life offer incredible opportunities for snorkelling and diving, ideal for Cora Cora’s experienced team to guide. You’ll explore stunning coral reefs and unique creatures found there with trips suitable for beginners as well as experienced divers alike.

Cora Cora Resort Maldives stands by their commitment to sustainability, believing in the significance of protecting nature and its beauty. They have adopted several green initiatives as part of their green tourism pioneer status in the region; such as creating an eco-friendly stargazing tower or sponsoring Atoll Marine Centre – they have set new standards in eco-friendly luxury travel.

It’s Your Freedom Time is the revolutionary freedom philosophy embraced by this resort and can be felt throughout their facilities, including their premium all-inclusive menu at four restaurants and two bars, featuring vegan options at Acquapazza Italian restaurant – boasting even its very own wood oven from Naples itself! Plus, their stunning surroundings create the ideal setting to complement their exquisite culinary offerings!

Kids’ Club

Cora Cora Resort Maldives brings a breath of fresh air to luxury. A private island located in Raa Atoll, flip flops are preferred over stilettos and the premium all-inclusive experience is all about freedom – visual, aural and gustatory alike. Offering three restaurants, two bars and an all-inclusive spa and wellness centre with 13 treatment rooms (4 overwater and 7 on land); yoga pavilion; open air cinema; island excursions and water sports activities make Cora Cora an exceptional getaway.

Cora Cora follows its founders’ lead by employing over 250 experienced employees to serve you in English, French, German, Russian Arabic Hindi Sinhala as well as Dhivehi as local languages. Staff meet their guests directly for personalized and individual service backed by knowledge and expertise.

As soon as you step foot on the island, you’ll experience an unforgettable cultural and experiential Maldivian adventure. The Museum of Island Heritage boasts an unmatched experience that takes visitors back in time – featuring partial excavation of a 12th-century temple tank, mosque fountain and traditional 1900s Maldivian house alongside over 1000 artefacts!

Adults will enjoy activities including teppanyaki, cocktail master classes, sommelier-led wine tastings and culinary experiences created by Culinary Director Umberto Piccolini. Plus with room types ranging from Beach Villas to Two-Bedroom Lagoon Pool Villas there’s sure to be something perfect for every taste and preference!


Nearly millennia ago, Raa Maamigili island – home of Cora Cora Resort and Maldives’ premier spice route – was at the epicenter of one of history’s greatest trade routes. Today it remains closely tied with local culture and history and excavations have revealed more than 60 artifacts; further embellished with rare finds from across Maldives to form one-of-a-kind Museum of Island Heritage.

Furthermore, the resort offers exciting excursions and activities that allow guests to connect more closely with local traditions and culture. One such excursion is to Tsunami Ghost Island which gives a rare insight into both how devastating natural disasters can be and also how quickly nature recovers its losses.

The resort provides many exciting experiences beyond sunset cruises and sandbank picnics – from deserted island experiences to dolphin adventures! Additionally, most of these amenities are included as part of its premium all-inclusive package, so that guests can make the most of their time at the property.

Cora Cora Resort Maldives is a recently opened property located on Raa Maamigili island and boasts a peaceful 100-hectare lagoon rich with corals and fish. Comprised of 100 villas – 55 overwater and 45 land – its latest villas by acclaimed architect/designer Martin Joubert feature sleek lines with airy interiors that move away from heavy wood tones that have historically characterized Maldivian design towards clean lines with airy interiors.

Modern and spacious, each room boasts an exquisite bathroom equipped with a freestanding bath, separate shower, twin vanities and an open-air terrace for relaxation and an indoor/outdoor dining area.


Cora Cora Resort Maldives provides guests with an impressive array of dining options through their Premium All-Inclusive plan, all created by Culinary Director Umberto Piccolini who has created contemporary and traditional menus inspired by cuisines found along the old spice route using fresh organic ingredients as well as satisfying any dietary restrictions such as plant-based options and homemade vegan ice cream!

Cora Cora Resort Maldives offers its guests the choice of dining at Tazaa, ACQUAPAZZA and Ginger Moon restaurants and bars for an enjoyable dining experience, offering dishes for every palette along with premium brand drinks lists.

Ginger Moon Restaurant features an all female team of chefs who prepare a wide range of Asian cuisine with authentic flavours and spices from across Asia. Cora Cora Resort strives to promote good health through their meals served, offering many healthy options such as all-you-can-eat salad bars in order for guests to easily consume nutritious food during their stay at Cora Cora Resort.

Raa Maamigili Island Resort was designed with authenticity in mind, with this evident in the food, spa services, island activities and water sports available at this resort. Raa Maamigili played an essential part of world trade routes that once traveled the island; to honor this heritage the Museum of Island Heritage houses various artefacts on display. With our premium all-inclusive concept guests can make the most out of their holiday with gourmet restaurants providing exquisite meals as well as extensive activity options available.

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