Soneva Jani Resort Maldives

When it comes to the most luxurious hotels in the world, no one does it better than the Soneva Jani Resort in the Maldives. The hotel is located in an idyllic setting on a coral reef with turquoise waters and white sand beaches, and the resort offers an exceptional range of activities to keep you busy. In addition, the hotel features an overwater observatory, overwater theater, and a variety of dining options.

Overwater observatory

One of the most unique parts of Soneva Jani Resort Maldives is its star-gazing observatory. This unique attraction features four dining tables, a telescope that zooms on the Saturn and Sombrero Galaxy, and a meditative labyrinth. In addition to these amenities, the resort also offers special dinners, star gazing picnics, and astronomy cruises.

With so much to do, the ambiance at Soneva Jani is definitely the right fit for families, couples, and honeymooners. The resort is one of the most environmentally friendly luxury hotels in the Maldives, with its sustainable and carbon neutral approach. It is surrounded by turquoise waters, white sandbanks, and crystal clear lagoons.

Soneva Jani is located on an uninhabited island in the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, a short speedboat ride from its sister resort Soneva Kiri. Visitors can fly to Male, the capital of the Maldives, and then take a 35-minute seaplane transfer to the resort. A private seaplane is available for guests at an additional cost.

To help preserve the coral reefs of the surrounding islands, the resort has a coral reef nursery program. It grows the herbs used in its restaurants, and works with local fishermen to protect sea turtle hatchlings. Additionally, the resort is working on developing a sustainable mosquito management system.

Guests can also enjoy a gourmet dinner in the star-gazing observatory. If you prefer to spend your evening on land, the resort has a swimming pool, a kids’ pool with a swim-up bar, and a meditative labyrinth. There are also several other activities for kids, like surfing and a beach soccer tournament.

Soneva Jani is also home to the country’s first overwater cinema. Known as ‘So Starstruck’, this is the perfect venue to observe the stars. At the cinema, guests can choose from movies, popcorn, and prosecco. You can even watch movies from cushioned loungers above the water.

Also on hand is the resident marine biologist, Maavin. He shares his knowledge with guests, and leads tours around the night sky.

Another must-do experience is the ‘So Starstruck’ overwater bungalows, which are designed to slide back and reveal the stars. During the day, guests can watch a film on catamaran nets or at table screens. They can also arrange for a private galaxy tour.

Overwater theater

One of the world’s most luxurious resorts is Soneva Jani in the Maldives. It is located on an untouched island. The resort boasts an overwater observatory, and an overwater cinema.

Guests can enjoy a variety of water activities, including snorkeling and diving with an in-house guide. For those interested in dining, Soneva Jani offers organic garden lunches and romantic dinners. They can also request private picnics or barbecues.

Soneva Jani features a waterslide in most of its villas. Each has its own stretch of lagoon, and includes an over-water catamaran net. Some even feature a hidden television that plays over 700 films.

There are nine restaurants at Soneva Jani. They offer a variety of cuisines. At the main restaurant, you can dine on a Robinson Crusoe-style castaway picnic. However, the resort does not have a communal pool. You are asked to put your shoes in a bag upon arrival.

In addition to their signature Soneva experiences, Soneva Jani has a host of other ecological and cultural programs. They have helped local communities end burning waste. This includes the construction of a water-bottling facility, which eliminated 200,000 plastic bottles in the islands.

They have also funded a 1.5 megawatt windmill in India and a half-million trees in Thailand. Their carbon levy on each guest has funded the distribution of energy-efficient cookstoves in Darfur.

For those looking for some downtime, the resort has a spa. This is part of their “Lifestyle Center.” During your stay, you can work on your fitness, take a yoga class, or learn a new skill.

For those who love the sun, there are a number of water villas. These are perfectly spaced out. They include a master bedroom and an open air bathroom, plus a sunken lounge area with a private pool.

As well as being a family-friendly resort, Soneva Jani also features an overwater observatory. This telescope is a 16-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain mounted on a 20-foot mast. If you feel like zooming in on Jupiter or Saturn, you can.

Other amenities include an overwater cinema and a private picnic. A buggy service operates 24 hours a day. Guests can also rent bicycles to ride around the resort.

Dining options

Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, a simple barbeque, or a culinary experience like no other, Soneva Jani Resort Maldives has you covered. The resort boasts nine restaurants and five bars, and offers a variety of cuisines.

White Orchid is a contemporary Chinese restaurant, with dishes made from fresh local ingredients. Chef Sobah Abdullah elevates traditional Maldivian dishes to make them modern and exciting. Guests can also order a traditional Maldivian seafood hot pot at the restaurant.

There are plenty of dining options at Soneva Jani, including the overwater bar, which serves a full range of spirits, cocktails, and liqueurs. Guests can also enjoy tapas, cheeses, and preserves. They can also take part in an overwater cinema dining experience at the Director’s Cut.

Soneva Jani is also home to the upscale luxury spa and wellness centre. With a focus on wellness, the new Soneva Jani Spa will encourage guests to rethink their lifestyles. In addition to offering a range of treatments, the center will feature cooking classes, yoga, meditation, and other classes designed to enhance guests’ overall well-being.

Dining at Soneva Jani includes an exclusive chef’s table experience, which offers meals for up to five guests. Guests can enjoy a chef’s creations or choose from a variety of international favorites.

Other dining options include the “So Cold” room, which is a chilly room with snacks available for purchase throughout the day. Guests can also order an ice cream from the bar.

In addition to dining at the resort, guests can also take advantage of Soneva’s nearby islands, which offer a wide range of dining options. A variety of halal and kosher food is served at So Engaging.

For a unique and upscale experience, guests can attend one of twelve dinner events in the Maldives hosted by Michelin-starred chef Tim Raue. These dinners celebrate Soneva’s visiting chefs and experts, and are designed to provide unique and memorable guest experiences.

While you are staying at Soneva Jani, you can also take part in the Stars programme, which brings in celebrity chefs to stay at the resort. Guests can also enjoy a host of special experiences, such as a sunset aperitif.

Soneva Stars program

The Soneva Stars programme at Soneva Jani Resort Maldives is a calendar of world-renowned experts, artists, musicians and sporting legends. It promises a unique experience for every guest to stay at the resort.

In addition to the usual activities, visitors can enjoy astronomy cruises, stargazing picnics and bespoke dinners with the stars. Each year, a variety of guests, including celebrities, sporting stars, chefs, scientists and wellness specialists will take part in Soneva Stars.

Guests can join one of the most exclusive astronomy experiences in the world, where they will watch the stars through the largest telescopes in the Maldives. The resident astronomers will teach guests about the secrets of the night sky, while also showing how the distances between celestial objects differ.

This year, the programme has already welcomed world-renowned athletes. A few of them include UEFA Champions League winner David Villa, football freestyle sensation Marcel Gurk and former FC Barcelona defender Rafael Marquez.

The programme is managed by chef Christoph Pentzlin, who knows a lot about Michelin-starred chefs. Other notable chefs in the programme include Julien Royer, Tom Aikens and Kiko Moya.

This year’s programme will feature an eclectic mix of visiting experts, including chefs, therapists, artists, musicians, sports legends and wellness specialists. Soneva Stars will focus on five key periods of the year – Easter, August holidays, February half-term, October half-term and Festive holidays.

As well as visiting experts, the programme includes a selection of in-house experts. Guests can attend a range of yoga and Pilates classes, as well as surf lessons. And in addition to the resort’s eight fine dining venues, guests can also enjoy private sand bank suppers.

There are many recreational facilities at Soneva Jani, including water slides, swimming pools and games rooms. Plus, the villas are designed to offer maximum privacy and stunning ocean views. Some of the villas are even equipped with retractable roofs that allow guests to see the starry skies.

One of the best parts of staying at Soneva Jani is falling asleep under the stars. With no light pollution to disturb your sleep, you can view the clear night sky and enjoy the spectacular blue water.

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