Maldives Vacation Packages

Sun Island Resort And Spa

, Distance From Airport - 62 Km / 38.53 Miles, Transport to hotel aprox 17 Mins by Domestic Plane

Rooms and Price Ranges of Sun Island Resort And Spa

    • Garden View Rooms
    • Rate between USD 47 to USD 63
    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 87 to USD 306
    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 95 to USD 324
    • Over Water Rooms
    • Rate between USD 179 to USD 471
    • Two Bed Room unit Over The Water
    • Rate between USD 695 to USD 1509

NB : All Prices displayed are per person per night based on DBL sharing basis Price will vary depending on the traveling dates and number of persons

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sun-island-logo-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel1.jpg Sun island resort and spa Maldives is an escape to an exotic world of island to a breathtaking possibility, where fun , adventure and relaxation are equally within reach. sun island beach resort is a flowering jewel among maldives 5 star resorts hotels, every moment of your maldives booking holidays is free to shape into your personal version of sun island resort & spa malediven paradise. Cruise along the stunning sapphire sun island beach resort maldives lagoons by jet-ski, canoe, windsurf or catamaran

Immerse yourself maldives honeymoon resorts in the gorgeous scenery and gracious service of villa hotel sun island, offering four best islands in maldives for honeymoon stunningly beautifully locations for Maldives island holidays and affordable maldives water villa deals.Trade in cheapest maldives holidays with the light-hearted spirit of sun island resort maldives booking , where the beauty of island paradise meets the exuberance of the tropics.

Location and how to reach Sun Island Resort And Spa

Maldives hotel rooms situated in the peaceful surroundings of sun island resort and spa hotel ( local Name : Nalaguraidhoo Island ) , this stunning maldives honeymoon packages all inclusive resort is one of the most popular in the Maldives for couples and families maldives holiday package. This booking maldives resort is easy to access round the clock , taking about 17 to 20 minutes  domestic airplane ride from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. This gives guests a chance to see firsthand the amazing beauties of  Maldives islands in the area whom Sun island resort Maldives booking has been done.

All of the properties are within easy reach of Male International Airport which makes sun island maldives booking one of the easy accessible maldives hotel booking resort. Sun island resort & spa maldive offers daily flights to and from connecting the international airport.Guests on sun island resort & spa maldives booking will be greeted at the airport by our airport representatives with their booking name on a sign board, and transported to the one of the best resort in maldives domestic plane terminal.Journey to sun island maldives resorts honeymoon or to the  enchanting maldives honeymoon all inclusive island resorts, where unspoiled island nature and casual luxuriousness create the perfect setting for relaxing maldives packages for couple.

Do I need my flight details in order to make a maldives hotels booking? No you dont need unless its a maldives last minute booking but Arrival and departure date are required but not the flight details are required at the time sun island maldive resort booking. Flight information can be given later , prior to 4 to 5 days is enough to arrange a smooth operation , the earlier the better , after you book your hotel , you can book your flight too if you wish to do so

Specially arrival flight time is required of your particular maldives resort booking or your sun island resort booking are required to ensure proper scheduling of transfers to resort, for all guests and avoid any sun island resort spa last minute difficulties to guests going to sun island on their maldives resorts packages.


Sun Villa

sun-villa-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-5-star-beach-island-hotel-north-ari-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals bed-room-sun-villa-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-5-star-beach-island-hotel-north-ari-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals bath-room-sun-villa-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-5-star-beach-island-hotel-north-ari-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals
  • sun-villa-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-5-star-beach-island-hotel-north-ari-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
  • bed-room-sun-villa-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-5-star-beach-island-hotel-north-ari-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
  • bath-room-sun-villa-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-5-star-beach-island-hotel-north-ari-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
Villa Size : 28.59 Sqm No of Suits : 36
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Main Villa Features , Facilities and Amenities:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Private terrace
  • En-suite shower facilities
  • 1 Double or 2 Single bed
  • Outdoor Bath Tub
  • Hot and cold desalinated water
  • Hair dryer
  • Mini bar
  • Electronic safe
  • iPod Dock
  • IDD telephones with voicemail
  • Day Bed

Standard Beach Bungalow

standard-beach-bungalow-exterior-view-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel standard-beach-bungalow-bed-room-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel
  • standard-beach-bungalow-exterior-view-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • standard-beach-bungalow-bed-room-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 21 Sqm No of Suits : 136
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With the beach right in front of the doorstep of the room along with the ocean in sight, the Standard Beach Bungalow ( Deluxe Rooms)  at Sun Island Resort and Spa compromise a personal gateway to paradise. These Maldives vacations family accommodations provide 21 meters/222 feet of space, and equipped with modern amenities such as satellite television and Internet access.

This Maldives resorts accommodation is with an own private veranda , dozens of on island activities and entertainment.Escape to the fun and relaxation of this Maldives family hotel, where the promise of a memorable getaway is always kept.

Villa Facilities and Ammenities:

  • • 21m²/222 square feet
  • • Air conditioning
  • • Satellite television
  • • Private terrace
  • • En-suite shower facilities
  • • Hot and cold desalinated water
  • • Hair dryer
  • • Mini bar
  • • Electronic safe
  • • IDD telephones with voicemail

Superior Beach Bungalow

superior-beach-bungalow-exterior-view-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel superior-beach-bungalow-bed-room-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel superior-beach-bungalow-bath-room-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel
  • superior-beach-bungalow-exterior-view-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • superior-beach-bungalow-bed-room-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • superior-beach-bungalow-bath-room-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 26 Sqm No of Suits : 216
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Upgrade to the increased comforts of the Superior Beach Bungalow (super deluxe rooms) of a Maldives hotels at  sun island resort & spa . Spanning 21 square meters (222 square feet ), the 218 stylishly furnished Maldives resorts rooms offer the convenience of en-suite bath and shower facilities, creating enriched privacy for you and your family.Tropical beauty meets comfort and convenience of this Maldives hotel.

You can also enjoy multi channel satellite television and a very private verandah set directly along the untouched shoreline. Check yourself in the deluxe Maldives hotel, experience and enjoy life as it’s meant to be lived.

Villa Facilities and Ammenities:

  • • 26m² / 280 square feet
  • • En-suite bathroom
  • • Air-conditioning
  • • Satellite TV with in-house movies
  • Private terrace
  • • En-suite shower facilities
  • Hot and cold fresh water
  • • Hair dryer
  • • Mini bar
  • • Electronic safe
  • • Two IDD telephones with voicemail

Water Bungalows

water-bungalow-sun-deck-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel water-bungalow-bed-room-sun-deck-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel water-bungalow-bath-room-sun-deck-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel
  • water-bungalow-sun-deck-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • water-bungalow-bed-room-sun-deck-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • water-bungalow-bath-room-sun-deck-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 32 Sqm No of Suits : 64
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Set on stilts above the calm turquoise lagoon, this Maldives resort water bungalows truly embraces the Maldives island atmosphere at Sun Island Resort & Spa . Large and richly furnished, these exclusive accommodations are accessed by a wooden jetty, creating the picture of a secluded hideaway apart from the rest of the resort island.

Take in the vast horizon from your personal fully wooden sun deck, offering either beautiful sunrise or sunset views. Walk down to the lagoon by the private staircase to enjoy a refreshing soak in the warm clear ocean water, which ebbs and flows just below your floor.

Offering a truly unique approach to Maldives island living, these Maldives resorts water bungalows offer one of the world’s most remarkable lodging experience.

Villa Facilities and Ammenities:

  • • 32m²/340 square feet
  • • Private staircase to the lagoon
  • • En-suite bathroom
  • • Air-conditioning
  • • Satellite TV with in-house movies
  • • Private sun deck
  • • En-suite shower facilities
  • • Hot and cold desalinated water
  • • Hair dryer
  • • Mini bar
  • • Electronic safe
  • • Two IDD telephones

Presidential Suite

jacuzzi-presidential-suite-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel presidential-suite-sitting-room-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel presidential-suite-bed-room-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel presidential-suite-bath-room-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel
  • jacuzzi-presidential-suite-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • presidential-suite-sitting-room-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • presidential-suite-bed-room-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • presidential-suite-bath-room-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 246 Sqm No of Suits : 4
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Experience and enjoy the most luxurious lodging option at the Presidential Suite of Sun Island Resort & Spa Maldives resorts –These gigantic, two-bedroom Maldives island hotel suites span 246 meters, offering more than twice the size of the other hotel rooms.

Located at the end of the water bungalows wooden jetty, each suite of the four suites is beautifully equipped with polished parquet floors, corniced ceilings and elegant wooden furnishings, creating a truly royal experience for connoisseurs of fine living.

From the private fresh water Jacuzzi tub with spectacular ocean views, every detail speaks of a supreme level of grandeur. Experience the essence of upper-class living and treat yourself to the gracious luxury of these exclusive Maldives Islands suites.

Villa Facilities and Ammenities:

  • • 246m²/2648 square feet
  • • Two bedrooms
  • • Two en-suite bathrooms
  • • Master bedroom- Double bed
  • • Second bedroom- Twin beds
  • • Living room with private bar
  • • Tea and coffee-maker facilities
  • • Air-conditioning
  • • Satellite TV with in-house movies
  • • Cordless telephone in living room
  • • Personal desktop computer
  • • Internet access
  • • Private terrace with Jacuzzi tub
  • • En-suite shower facilities
  • • Hot and cold desalinated water
  • • Hair dryer
  • • Mini bar
  • • Electronic safe
  • • Two IDD telephones

Maaniyaa Restaurant

Click the bigger image to Zoom
  • main-restaurant-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Feast On The Flavours Of Our Main Maldives Restaurant At Maaniyaa Restaurant, every meal is a cornucopia of gourmet culinary pleasures, each one more enticing than the last. Give in to the temptation of these extravagant Maldives buffets, and see why Sun Island Resort & Spa has long been known for its exceptional cuisine. This spacious, open-air restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, offering a diverse mix of local and international dishes for each. Though this is the only one of our Maldives restaurants accommodated by our meal plans, the vast range of available options will ensure plenty of variety for our guests. Indulge in the delectable flavours of the islands, and savour the cuisine at Maaniyaa.

Guraamuli Island BBQ

Click the bigger image to Zoom
  • bbq-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bbq-2-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Celebrate The Ocean’s Bounty At Our Maldives Seafood Restaurant Savour the fresh, wonderfully flavourful cuisine of Guraamuli Grill Terrace, an exceptional Maldives seafood and barbecue restaurant at Sun Island Resort & Spa . With daily catches pulled in from the crystalline water surrounding our resort, Guraamuli offers some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever enjoy. For an interactive Maldives barbecue experience, visit this beachfront restaurant after partaking in a fishing excursion, and we’ll prepare your catch on the grill as you watch the sun dip below the horizon.

Ristorante Al Pontile

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  • ristorante-al-pontile-italian-restaurant-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Welcome To Al Pontile, Our Delicious Maldives Italian Restaurant Embark on a culinary journey to the heart of Rome, and enjoy an evening at Ristorante Al Pontile, the only Maldives Italian restaurant at Sun Island Resort & Spa. Translated as “the jetty,” Al Pontile is a tranquil, over-water oasis designed to serve as a feast for the senses. As your eyes marvel at stunning views of our aquamarine lagoon and intricate coral reef, your palate will be inspired by a traditional Italian and Japanese specialties. Discover an innovative fusion of cuisines at our Maldives Japanese restaurant, and taste the tropics as you never have before.

Southern Star Restaurant

Southern Star, A Favourite Maldives Casual Restaurant Enjoy a taste of India at Southern Star Restaurant, one of the most flavourful dining venues at Sun Island Resort & Spa . Featuring an exotic approach to Maldives casual dining, Southern Star offers elaborate daily buffets, complete with international dishes, fresh seafood displays, and a specialty Indian menu. Linger over morning coffee as you listen to the gently rustling palms, or indulge in a global culinary tour as you sample dishes from around the world. Discover an eclectic choice of Maldives Indian restaurants, and savour the unique flavours of Southern Star.

Sun Star Thai Restaurant

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  • sun-star-thai-restaurant-night-looksun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Discover A Landmark Maldives Thai Dining Venue At Sun Island Resort Like a floating temple to gourmet cuisine, Sun Star Thai Restaurant stands majestically above the still lagoon and coral reefs of Sun Island Resort & Spa . As a distinctive over-water dining venue, this Maldives Thai restaurant provides the unique opportunity to dine directly along the ocean’s edge. Gaze out at the seemingly infinite expanse of turquoise waters as you indulge in traditional Thai dishes like Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai and Yom Yam Krung. Marvel at the graceful wings of the stingray colony below, which congregates every evening near the restaurant. For the ultimate romantic evening, choose a table on the restaurant’s wraparound deck, and dine beneath the twinkling stars. Sun Star isn’t just another Maldives Asian restaurant – it’s an experience you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Bars & Nightlife

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  • pool-bar-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bar-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Embrace The Lively Spirit Of Maldives Nightlife As the brilliant sunshine fades into night, Sun Island Resort & Spa invites you to keep the fun going at our collection of Maldives bars and lounges. Enjoy an intimate drink at our cosy lobby bar, featuring sumptuously plush furnishing and rich drapery. Feel the pulsing rhythms of Maldives nightlife at our Mekunu Bar, which transforms into an energetic discotheque on select evenings. From the tropical beauty of our oceanfront beach bar to the low-key ambiance of our Vani Coffee Shop, our resort promises something for every mood, whim, taste and occasion. Mekunu Bar , our main bar, is open 24 hours a day, and offers a wide variety of exotic cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. Open and airy, Mekunu Bar also offers beautiful views of the lagoon. Lobby Bar , offering a warm and comfortable atmosphere for meetings and mingling. Open daily from 1700h to midnight. Beach Bar , located near the windsurfing school, this shorefront bar is open daily from 0900h to 1700h. Pool Bar , allowing guests to swim up and enjoy a drink without ever having to leave the pool Club Greenhouse Bar , featuring a lovely setting in the midst of our expansive green lawn Vani Coffee Shop & Bar , a casual beachfront outlet offering a variety of snacks, light meals and specialty dishes. Open 24 hours a day.

Araamu Spa

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  • spa-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel1.jpg
  • spa-2-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • spa-3-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • spa-4-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Enrich Your Well-Being At Our Holistic Maldives Spa Relax the body and awaken the senses at Araamu Spa, a sanctuary of undisturbed tranquillity within Sun Island Resort & Spa . At our "Araamu" inspired Maldives spa resort, scented oils, gentle music and caring hands bring to life the ancient art of healing, allowing the spirit to achieve a state of blissful transcendence. Fall under the soothing spell of traditional Maldivian healing techniques, enhanced by the natural essence of flowers, marine plants, and herbs. Beautify the body from the outside in with therapeutic massages, facials and skin treatments. Experience the restorative powers of our breathtaking island paradise, and surrender to the stirring enchantment of our Maldives spa resort.

Water Sports

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  • small_thumbcatamaran-sailing-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbwind-surfing-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbwater-skiing-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbring-riding-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Sail The Turquoise Seas With Our Maldives Catamarans At Sun Island Resort & Spa , water isn’t just a source of life – it’s a source of adventure. Our water sports center is located on the east side of the island, and offers both rental equipment and lessons by our professional staff. Learn the art of Maldives windsurfing from the safety of our shallow, tranquil lagoon. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you speed through the water on a pair of water skis. Or, let yourself be guided by the wind as you explore the island from a Maldives catamaran rental. Other water activities available at the resort include: Catamarans Jet skis Windsurfing Diving and snorkeling Water-skiing Canoes Banana boats Knee boarding Speed boats


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  • small_thumbexcursions-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Discover Our Island Paradise With Maldives Fishing Trips And Adventure Expeditions With its onsite activities, relaxing spa and gourmet dining options, Sun Island Resort & Spa is truly a world of its own. But don’t forget that just beyond our doors, an entire country lies waiting to be explored. To help you experience our island nation’s rich culture and vast resources, we offer an array of excursions, ranging from Maldives island hopping adventures to thrilling dolphin safaris. Explore the area’s most beautiful reefs during a special snorkelling excursion, or set sail aboard a Maldives fishing boat for a magnificent sunrise or sunset journey. Our full range of excursions includes:

Sports & Recreation

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  • small_thumbsquash-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbbilliard-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbgame-center-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbgolf-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Delight In The Endless Activities Of Our Maldives Fun Island Resort Guests at Sun Island Resort & Spa will have access to a wide range of recreational facilities, all of which feature up-to-date, modern equipment. Take a tennis lesson from one of our experienced instructors, or organize a family game of volleyball or badminton. Explore the island on a rented bicycle, or entertain your children with our collection of electronic games. For fitness enthusiasts, our Maldives fun island hotel also features a fully equipped health centre with aerobic and strength training equipment. Take full advantage of our range of onsite activities, and enjoy an active, fun-filled holiday at our Maldives fun island resort. Water sports Fitness centre Tennis courts with floodlights Basketball Volleyball Electronic games Squash Indoor badminton Table tennis Bicycle rentals

Beach & Pool

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  • small_thumbswimming-pool-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbbeach-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbbeach-2-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Relax Mind And Body At Our Maldives Beach Resort While Sun Island Resort & Spa may be known for its abundance of activities, we also appreciate the need to slow things down. Take a break from it all as you lay out along the sapphire waters of our stunning, white-sand shoreline. Enjoy a soak in our tranquil lagoon, whose azure splendour proves our reputation as one of the most beautiful Maldives beach resorts. Or, perfect the art of relaxation as you lounge by our 1,800-square-metre outdoor pool, which is framed by lush tropical greenery and extends directly to the edge of the lagoon. For the ultimate in leisure, we offer an indulgent swim-up pool bar, while our children’s pool is ideal for families visiting our Maldives beach hotel. 1,800 square metre pool Swim-up pool bar Children’s pool area Beautiful beach and lagoon

Stingray Feeding

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  • small_thumbstingray-feed-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbstingray-feeding-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbstingray-feeding-2-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Experience The Magic Of Maldives Shark Watching And Stingray Feeding Events Enjoy a fascinating peek at the fauna of Sun Island Resort & Spa with our nightly Maldives stingray feeding event. Every evening at 2030h, guests are invited to gather at our service jetty, where information will be given about stingrays and their habitat. After this discussion, guests can feed these beautiful, ethereal creatures that have congregated along the jetty. To enhance this spectacle of nature, baby Maldives sharks swim amongst the stingrays, while elegant herons linger nearby waiting for their catch. Held every evening at 2030h Located at the service jetty


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  • small_thumbdecompression-chamber-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbdiving-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbdiving-2-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbdiving-3-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Experience The Underwater Wonders Of Our Maldives Dive Resort Beneath the still, crystalline waters of Sun Island Resort & Spa, a colourful, fascinating world lays waiting to be discovered. Explore our rich underwater ecosystem with a Maldives dive trip, available on a daily basis through our onsite diving school. In addition to excursions, we also offer a range of beginner, specialty and instructor courses, each taught in a variety of languages for our international guests. Swim past brilliant coral and dazzling sea creatures by day, or sign up for an evening dive to marvel at the fluorescent glow of nocturnal species. Discover the breadth and beauty of local marine life, and see why our Maldives dive resort is considered one of the region’s premier dive and snorkel locales

Weddings & Meetings

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  • small_thumbwedding-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbwedding-2-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbwedding-3-sun-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Plan A Gorgeous Maldives Holiday Wedding Renewal At Sun Island Resort Celebrate one of life’s most momentous occasions in one of the world’s most stunning locales – Sun Island Resort & Spa. Our exquisite facilities will provide a magical, utterly romantic backdrop for your wedding vows renewal, complete with elegant accommodations , exciting excursions and activities for your guests, and unique catering menus and themes. Say your vows on our white-sand shores as the sun dips below the horizon. Afterward, enjoy an outdoor romantic candle-lit dinner beneath a night sky full of twinkling stars.

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