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Paradise Island Resort And Spa

, Distance From Airport - 9.6 Km / 5.97 Miles, Transport to hotel aprox 20 Mins by Speed Boat

Rooms and Price Ranges of Paradise Island Resort And Spa

    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 75 to USD 239
    • Over Water Rooms
    • Rate between USD 193 to USD 441
    • Over Water Rooms
    • Rate between USD 228 to USD 483
    • Over water unit with private swimming pool
    • Rate between USD 475 to USD 810
    • Over water unit with private swimming pool
    • Rate between USD 719 to USD 1241

NB : All Prices displayed are per person per night based on DBL sharing basis Price will vary depending on the traveling dates and number of persons

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Superior Beach Bungalows

superior-beach-bungalows-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives superior-beach-bungalows-interior-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives superior-beach-bungalows-beach-view-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives bath-room-superior-beach-bungalows-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives
  • superior-beach-bungalows-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • superior-beach-bungalows-interior-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • superior-beach-bungalows-beach-view-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • bath-room-superior-beach-bungalows-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
Villa Size : 25.65 Sqm No of Suits : 220
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Water Villas

water-villas-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel bed-room-water-villas-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel sun-deck-water-villas-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel bed-room-view-water-villas-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel
  • water-villas-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-water-villas-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • sun-deck-water-villas-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-view-water-villas-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 77 Sqm No of Suits : 40
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Haven Water Villas

  • heaven-water-villa-bed-room-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
Villa Size : 80 Sqm No of Suits : 16
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Haven Suite

haven-suite-front-view-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives haven-suite-side-view-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives
  • haven-suite-front-view-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • haven-suite-side-view-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
Villa Size : 237 Sqm No of Suits : 4
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Ocean Suite

  • ocean-suite-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 386 Sqm No of Suits : 2
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Main Dinning

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  • main-dinning-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • main-restaurant-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • main-bar-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Fabulous Cuisine At Our Signature Maldives Restaurant Come discover why the Main Restaurant at Paradise Island Resort & Spa is celebrated among the best Maldives restaurants year after year. Serving sumptuous, buffet-style breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, this breezy Maldives restaurant perfectly captures the island spirit with native rattan furniture and alluring Indian Ocean views through expansive windows. A full continental European or English breakfast is available at the breakfast buffet, and a wide variety of Continental, Asian and Maldivian cuisine is served at lunch and dinner. Wine and dine away the evening, as you delve into tantalizing new tastes at this captivating oceanfront spot. The Best Maldives Restaurants Are At Paradise Island Resort Terrific cuisine is just one more wonderful feature of Paradise Island Resort & Spa, where our tantalizing Maldives restaurants blend a first-class dining experience with breathtaking Indian Ocean views.

Ristorante al Tramanto - Italian Restaurant

Ristorante al Tramanto, Our Captivating Maldives Italian Restaurant Located at the end of the main jetty, overlooking the ocean, Ristorante al Tramanto offers the perfect Maldives romantic hotel dining experience. Stop by for sunset cocktails or to savour inspired Italian specialties such as fresh baked pizzas and tantalizing pastas. Enjoy the warm candlelit ambiance inside or dine al fresco on the breezy deck. And if you’re feeling tired after a long day in the sun, we’ll arrange to have a pizza delivered right to your room. This charming Maldives Italian restaurant is the perfect spot for lively family dinners or an intimate evening for two. Enchanting Sunsets And Marvelous Cuisine At This Maldives Romantic Restaurant Terrific cuisine is just one more wonderful feature of Paradise Island Resort & Spa, where our enticing Maldives Italian restaurant blends gourmet fare and superb service with breathtaking Indian Ocean views.

Fukuya Teppanyaki - Sushi Restaurant

Fukuya Teppanyaki, Our Authentic Maldives Sushi Restaurant A small, decorative bridge over a miniature pool and waterfall leads you to the entrance of this cozy Maldives Japanese restaurant. Adorned in authentic Japanese splendour, the restaurant showcases traditional Japanese teppanyaki, or “show cooking,” in which the chef performs a show as he prepares the meal, showcasing eye-catching tricks and new variations on cooking techniques. Your chef might juggle utensils, flip a shrimp into his shirt pocket or diners’ mouths, toss an egg up in the air and split it with a knife, or arrange onion rings into fire-shooting volcanoes. In additional to the more familiar Maldives sushi dining, a variety of innovative dishes is served. Chefs trained in Japanese cooking use genuine ingredients, imported from Japan. At Fukuya Teppanyaki, the mood is festive and fun, and the meal is always a show in itself. An Entertaining Take On Maldives Japanese Dining Terrific cuisine is just one more wonderful feature of Paradise Island Resort & Spa, where our tantalizing Maldives sushi restaurant blends gourmet Japanese fare and superb service with breathtaking Indian Ocean views.

Enticing Maldives Bars - From Rolling Surf To Karaoke And Live Music

Enticing Maldives Bars, From Rolling Surf To Karaoke And Live Music Maldives nightlife means something different to every guest. If quiet cocktails and a glorious sunset are all the entertainment you need, there’s no better place than under the thatched parasols of the Beach Bar. Or you can become part of the entertainment at the Karaoke Bar. Lavishly furnished, with black leather sofas surrounding the stage, it’s the perfect place to live out your “American Idol” dream. The Paradise Bar is the main bar of the resort. Overlooking the ocean and pool, this vibrant Maldives bar is perfect for relaxing after a day in the sun. Live bands and the resort’s DJ make appearances throughout the week, and the energetic dance floor becomes the centre of activity and attraction once the sun goes down. A Vibrant And Exciting Maldives Nightlife Scene Terrific cuisine is just one more wonderful feature of Paradise Island Resort & Spa, where our tantalizing Maldives bars and restaurants blend energy, ambiance and superb service with breathtaking Indian Ocean views.

Araamu Spa

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  • araamu-spa-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • spa-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel1.jpg
  • in-room-massage-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
An Invigorating Destination For Maldives Spa Holidays Situated on a quiet corner of Paradise Island Resort & Spa , the Araamu Spa offers a precious retreat within the resort. This tranquil hideaway offers a vibrant reflection of our Maldives spa resort where health, vitality, and radiance are rediscovered. Choose from a diverse menu of services offered in a relaxed ambience designed to stir the soul. Put yourself in the sensitive hands of our experienced Maldives spa therapists and enjoy the sensual pleasure of a great massage. Unwind with a deep tissue Swedish massage. Rejuvenate and replenish with a soothing body treatment or bathing ceremony. Or share the experience with a romantic couples’ treatment in one of our specially designed treatment pavilions.

Spa Services

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  • veli-modun-spa-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • massage-spa-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • couple-massage-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
Rejuvenating Maldives Luxury Spa Treatments Surrounded by the beauty and calm of the sun-drenched Indian Ocean coastline, guests of our Maldives luxury spa resort find it easy to relax and enjoy the benefits of our replenishing treatments. Select from a wide range of Maldives luxury spa services designed to restore balance and promote the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. Aromatherapy Indian Ayurvedic therapy In-house medical clinic Bathing Ceremonies Body Spa Araamu Packages Aramu Exclusives Beauty Saloon Araamu Theyo Dhemun Veli Modun Swedish Massage Sarawak Massage Well being Massage Back Rejuvenator Foot & Leg Massage Reflexology Healing Aroma Massage Thai Massage Baby Massage Loabi loabi (Romance)

Water Activities

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  • small_thumbbanana-riding-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbfun-tubing-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbfun-ride-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbjet-ski-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
Explore The Wonders Of The Indian Ocean At Our Maldives Diving CenterDiscover a spectacular destination for Maldives windsurfing, water skiing, snorkeling, and more. The Villa Water sports centre at Paradise Island Resort & Spa offers courses in windsurfing and catamaran sailing in addition to excellent facilities for a variety of water sports. The centre, located at the northern end of the island is equipped with the best equipment and facilities. And our certified Maldives diving school offers the full range of classes and tours for beginners and experts. Banana boat rides Fun tubing Windsurfing Canoeing Catamaran sailing Water bike Water skiing, wake boarding, & knee boarding Glass bottom boat tours Kite surfing Parasailing Snorkeling Water scoter / jet skiing Catamaran sailing


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  • small_thumbexcursions-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbsea-plane-excursions-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbbig-game-fishing-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
Plan Maldives Whale Watching Tours, Shopping Sprees, And More Paradise Island Resort & Spa might charter more Maldives fishing trips than any other resort. We invite you to enjoy it early in the morning or with a group at sunset. Try trawling for tuna or head out to the high seas for a big game fishing adventure. Or glide through the Indian Ocean depths on a Maldives whale submarine. To see the islands from a truly breathtaking perspective, hop aboard a seaplane for a photo flight tour. For a delightful change of pace, visit one of the many nearby resorts or catch a glimpse of daily Maldivian life in one of the fishing villages. Or if city living is more your style, allow us to plan a day of shopping and sightseeing in Malé, the islands’ vibrant capital city. Snorkeling Submarine Trip Island Hopping Night Fishing Morning Fishing Big Game Fishing Sunset Cocktail on the High Sea Blue Water Safari - Deep Sea Fishing Photo Flight by Sea Plane

Sports and Recreation

Conference Hall

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  • small_thumbconference-facility-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbboard-room-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbconference-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
, featuring a multimedia data projector, multi-system TV set with a VCR, one slide projector, one OHP, one flipchart with stand, and mineral water during conference but not exceeding one bottle per person per day. Secretarial Room , includes one PC with Internet connection, one laser printer, one photocopier, DID telephone, and fax services. Break-away Rooms , break-away room charges do not include any equipment.


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  • small_thumbdiving-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbdiving-2-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbdiving-3-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives.jpg
Diving & Snorkeling Take The Plunge On An Amazing Maldives Snorkeling AdventureThe best Maldives snorkeling is in the sparkling Indian Ocean waters surrounding Paradise Island Resort & Spa. No island holiday would be complete without experiencing the colour and life of this vibrant underwater world. Just step off our jetty to experience it all. From mysterious ancient coves to brilliantly hued reefs, a deep-sea tropical sanctuary awaits you on your next Maldives snorkeling excursion.

Weddings & Meetings

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  • small_thumbwedding-paradise-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
A Simply Inspiring Maldives Wedding Reception Destination Make your Maldives wedding reception celebration, meeting, or special gathering one to remember amid the oceanfront tropical splendour of Paradise Island Resort & Spa. Set on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, with bright white beaches, a sparkling lagoon, and majestic coconut palms swaying in the breeze, this luxury resort offers a rousing setting for Maldives meetings and social occasions. Stunning views of the Indian Ocean and surrounding beaches will inspire colleagues or set the perfect mood as you renew your wedding vows during an unforgettable sunset ceremony. Allow our attentive staff and thoughtful services to ensure to every comfort. Our limitless recreation, gourmet dining and vibrant nightlife , and exquisite spa will enthrall your group throughout their stay.

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