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Nika Island Resort

, Distance From Airport - 70 Km / 43.50 Miles, Transport to hotel aprox 20 Mins by Seaplane

Rooms and Price Ranges of Nika Island Resort

    • Garden View Rooms
    • Rate between USD 99 to USD 146
    • Rate between USD 157 to USD 421
    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 161 to USD 338
    • Over Water Rooms
    • Rate between USD 162 to USD 339
    • Rate between USD 172 to USD 440
    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 190 to USD 654
    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 265 to USD 435
    • Sea View
    • Rate between USD 312 to USD 485

NB : All Prices displayed are per person per night based on DBL sharing basis Price will vary depending on the traveling dates and number of persons

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Nika island resort built on Kudafolhudhoo is one of the finest beached resorts for holidays in the Maldive. Located just North Alifu Atoll in a distance of 70 km / 43.50 Ml from Airport, Nika Island Resort is the only island in the Maldives where all the bungalows have their total private beaches in every villa, the Best Island and place for a complete relaxation. Nika Island Resort is completely surrounded by a coral rich house reef and it's dense of luxurious vegetation where the bungalows are perfectly hidden with total privacy.

The particular Maldives Island is named after the majestic banyan tree called andquot,Nikaandquot, in Dhivehi. The huge tree which shoots down its sets into the Nika soil to support and back its increasing weight is home to various types of birds and fruit bats. This tree is believed to be more than 350 years old in age. The continuous care and effort of our landscapers and gardeners keep the vegetation of Nika as a true attraction and interest.

Just Only 37 villas in the beach and over the water, all of which has an unique architecture:  the total villas consists of, 10 Deluxe Beach Villas, 10 Beach Villas, 3 Family Beach Villas and also 3Family Deluxe Beach Villas and, 1 Sultan Suite and 10 Water Villas on an island surrounded and encircled by a coral rich house reef, magnificent vegetation and all improved by our friendly staff who will make you feel and experience right at home.

Each villa on the beach has its own soft white sandy private beach furnished with Jacuzzi, private sun beds, local made swing and outdoor open sky shower. Thanks to the thick grown plants between the villas, you will enjoy the pleasure total privacy at a stone’s throw from the crystal clear sea. Within 75 sq. meters, the beach front villas have a, bedroom, large living room, garden bathroom.

Every room has the same features: air-conditioning, overhead fans, wi-fi connection , tea and coffee making facilities  mini-bar, telephone, safety box, bathrobes, , hairdryer, lounge chair, beach towels , CD player, and satellite TV,



Garden Room

Villa Size : 25 Sqm No of Suits : 6
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Family Water Villa

Villa Size : 00 Sqm No of Suits : 10
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Beach Villa

beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo bath-room-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo bed-room-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo bed-room-beach-villa-2-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo
  • beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo.jpg
  • bath-room-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo.jpg
  • bed-room-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo.jpg
  • bed-room-beach-villa-2-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo.jpg
Villa Size : 75 Sqm No of Suits : 10
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Main Villa Features , Facilities and Amenities:

Handicap Accesible Private Beach Free Wifi Aircondition Minibar Hi-Fi Satellite TV Mini Safe Jacuzzi
The Beach Villas (75mq) are set on the northern side of the island, The villa have easy access to the wonderful house reef.

Water Villa

water-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll bed-room-water-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll sun-deck-water-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll sitting-room-water-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll solarium-water-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll exterior-water-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll
  • water-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll.jpg
  • bed-room-water-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll.jpg
  • sun-deck-water-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll.jpg
  • sitting-room-water-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll.jpg
  • solarium-water-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll.jpg
  • exterior-water-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll.jpg
Villa Size : 75 Sqm No of Suits : 5
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The wooden Water Villas over the northern reef edge are 75 sq. metres in size. Every water villa contains 3 separate areas: living room, bedroom and bathroom. The actual uniqueness of these Water Villas is that they are in 3 split levels: the first and lowest area just kisses the sea, the second one is the wooden deck with wide terrace and sun deckchairs and the third is the sun deck one on the roof, perfect to get a full body tan. The beach is never far away, with a stretch of white sand by the Villas jetty. For families there are 2 Family Water Villa.

Family Deluxe Beach Villa

Villa Size : 00 Sqm No of Suits : 10
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Deluxe Beach Villa

deluxe-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo exterior-deluxe-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo living-room-deluxe-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo bed-room-deluxe-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo bath-room-deluxe-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo
  • deluxe-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo.jpg
  • exterior-deluxe-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo.jpg
  • living-room-deluxe-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo.jpg
  • bed-room-deluxe-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo.jpg
  • bath-room-deluxe-beach-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll-kudafolhudhoo.jpg
Villa Size : 75 Sqm No of Suits : 10
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Main Villa Features , Facilities and Amenities:

Private Beach Free Wifi Aircondition Minibar Hi-Fi Satellite TV Mini Safe Jacuzzi
The Deluxe Beach Villas on the southern side. The Villas have easy access to the wonderful house reef. The deluxe beach villas have Maldivian style open air shower.

Family Beach Villa

sitting-room-beach-family-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll bed-room-beach-family-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll sitting-area-beach-family-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll
  • sitting-room-beach-family-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll.jpg
  • bed-room-beach-family-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll.jpg
  • sitting-area-beach-family-villa-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll.jpg
Villa Size : 100 Sqm No of Suits : 6
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and features. For holidays with families we have 3 Family Deluxe Beach villas and 3 Family Beach villas (100mq) with 2 bedrooms, 1 open air shower, 2 bathrooms wide sitting room and private beach with Jacuzzi cottage.

Sultan Suite

Villa Size : 120 Sqm No of Suits : 1
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Restaurant & Bar

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  • restaurant-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll.jpg

Nika Island resort Maldives is sold on full board basis. Italian, international and traditional dishes are served buffet-style at lunch and dinner is served as "à la carte”, with a selection and range of over 100 types’ wines.

Coffe Shop

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  • coffee-shop-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll.jpg

The Coffee Shop is situated (located) close to the main beach side. where you can enjoy soft slow music, ‘happy hours', wonderful and perfect sunsets, lots of board games, library and TV with satellite connection.

The Bepi Bar

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  • the-bepi-bar-nika-island-resort-and-spa-maldives-north-ari-atoll.jpg

The Bepi Bar located next to the main restaurant is built with its roof representing the wooden hull of a local dhoni, the traditional Maldivian built boat, and it's the perfect corner to chill out and enjoy the breeze of the ocean. Both bars are with free wi-fi connection.

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