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Meedhupparu - Adaaran

, Distance From Airport - 130 Km / 80.78 Miles, Transport to hotel aprox 45 Mins by Seaplane

Rooms and Price Ranges of Meedhupparu - Adaaran

    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 120 to USD 201
    • Over Water Rooms
    • Rate between USD 263 to USD 448

NB : All Prices displayed are per person per night based on DBL sharing basis Price will vary depending on the traveling dates and number of persons

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logo-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu1.jpg Maldives Adaaran select meedhupparu Resort Island is a one of the best 4 star hotel form Indian Ocean Maldives isles with all inclusive meals , best silver white sand beach and good snorkeling. Adaaran Meedhupparu Resort island hotel Located with the Maldives Ra Atoll, Meedhupparu Resort offers large size bungalows with views of the beach and ocean. It has an open-air outside pool, spa and five restaurants outlets. Each bungalow has a terrace with sun loungers and bathroom with privacy. A mini-bar, tea, and coffee maker will arrange for gusts. You can gain knowledge of diving at the water sports and game centre. Recreation amenities including one fitness station, snorkeling, and beach volleyball are available. Central Restaurant at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu serves a remarkable brand of cuisines and flavors every day. Everything from fresh fruit to delicious meat dishes will offer at the Main Restaurant, which includes vegetarian food prepared with both the use of fresh vegetables. Elegantly furnished, Main Restaurant has a charming style where you will love your meal in peace. Meedhupparu resort island hotel maldives is just 45 minute seaplane ride from International Airport Male' The Maldives island view from seaplane, is amazing with shallow sea and tiny isles. Meedhupparu Resort Island is good for families, couples, group travelers and honeymooners to explore the one of the best Maldives Island with big beach, nice diving points.
  • Rates are including all the taxes and extra charges
  • No hidden charges for your holiday
  • Free 30 days travel visa upon arrives for all Travelers
  • Meedhupparu Direct Reservation with Best price and Instant Confirmation

Meedhupparu - Adaaran also known as

Meedhupparu Maldives resorts all-inclusive also known As:
  • Maldives resort with vegetarian food and non-veg food
  • Adaaran select meedhupparu 4* resort - all inclusive
  • Adaaran select meedhupparu resorts and spa
  • Raa Atoll Adaaran Select Meedhupparu Hotel Island
  • Adaaran Select Meedhupparu Hotel Island
  • Meedhupparu Island Resort



Beach Villas

sun-deck-beach-villa-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu beach-villa-exterior-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu bed-room-beach-villa-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu out-door-shower-bath-room-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu beach-villa-bed-room-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu
  • sun-deck-beach-villa-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • beach-villa-exterior-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • bed-room-beach-villa-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • out-door-shower-bath-room-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • beach-villa-bed-room-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
Villa Size : 47 Sqm No of Suits : 215
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Free Wifi
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Main Villa Features , Facilities and Amenities:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Mini Bar (extra charges apply)
  • Satellite Television
  • Telephone with IDD Facility
  • Tea/Coffee Maker
  • In Room Safe

Affording magnificent views of the Indian Ocean, the Beach Villas at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu grants easy access to the white sandy beaches of this superb maldives island.

Elegantly furnished to offer generous space to unwind, the fully wooden interiors creates a very warm setting and serves variety of modern facilities will be on offer to guests residing at the Beach Villas including satellite television and an in-room safe to store your valuables while on maldives vacations.

Adaaran Prestige Water Villas

water-villas-view-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu bed-room-water-villas-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu water-villas-sun-beds-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu bath-room-water-villas-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu sun-deck-prestige-water-villas-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu bed-room-prestige-water-villas-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu
  • water-villas-view-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • bed-room-water-villas-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • water-villas-sun-beds-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • bath-room-water-villas-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • sun-deck-prestige-water-villas-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • bed-room-prestige-water-villas-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
Villa Size : 84 Sqm No of Suits : 10
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Main Villa Features , Facilities and Amenities:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Mini Bar
  • Satellite Television
  • Telephone with IDD Facility
  • Espresso Machine
  • In Room Safe
  • Baby Cots on request
  • Glass Bottom Sun Deck
  • Internet Connection in the Room - WiFi
  • Wooden Ladder from the Sun Deck for Private 24 Hour Access to Surrounding Ocean

Elegantly appointed with luxurious wooden interiors, the Water Villas at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu offer luxurious accommodation in the heart of Maldives paradise. Featuring a spacious over water sun deck which presents an ideal setting to bask in the sun for hours, enjoying life beneath the waves through the glass portal while enjoying in a Maldives all inclusive resorts.

Dive into the beautiful sea at will and discover something new each time as colorful sea creatures pass you. Snorkel to your heartandrsquo,s content and explore the coral rich seabed at Maldives, home to the very clear waters in the Indian Ocean. One of the finest rooms in a maldives resorts

Main Restaurant

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  • main-restaurant-eedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • main-restaurant-2-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg

Presenting tantalizing buffets, the Main Restaurant at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu offers a remarkable variety of cuisines and flavours each day. Everything from fresh fruit to succulent meat dishes are featured at the Main Restaurant, including vegetarian options prepared with the use of fresh produce. Elegantly furnished, the Main Restaurant offers a charming setting where you can enjoy your meal in peace. Complete with attentive service, dining here is an experience to savour.

Café Mass @ Grill Bar

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  • sun-rise-bar-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • grill-bar-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • grill-bar-2-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • grill-bar-3-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg

Also known as the “Grill Bar”, is where to go in the late afternoons or early evenings. Watch the beautiful tropical sunsets whilst enjoying a cocktail or even join the staff and other guests for some beach volleyball. The Café Mass is also the venue for several different themed nights, such as the weekly beach party! The bar is open from 10:00 until 18:30 on themed nights and regular nights until 23:00.


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  • spa-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • spa-1-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
Surrounded by the resort’s lush landscaping, Chavana Spa at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu offers tranquility, privacy and pampering treatments. The Spa features three double rooms, four single rooms, steam and sauna facilities, relaxation and manicure-pedicure area. Fresh floral aromas will soothe and calm the senses, whilst our unique blend of traditional Balinese music with contemporary tones playing in the background will surely lull you to sleep or a relaxed state of mind. Chavana Spa’s range of signature body treatments, facials and packages are inspired from the freshness of a Balinese garden. Pevonia Botanica facials are also offered, an elite natural skin care brand focusing on prolonged skin health and rejuvenation.

Spa Facilities

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  • spa-2-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • spa-3-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • spa-4-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
Offering a rejuvenating spa experience to the guest at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, Chavana Spa features an amazing range of purifying treatments ensuring a cleansed feeling for both body and mind. One double room with Jacuzzi Two double rooms 4 single rooms Steam and Sauna facilities Manicure and Pedicure area Relaxation area

Excursions to Traditional Fisherman’s Island

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  • small_thumbexcursions-to-fishing-village-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbexcursions-to-local-fishing-village-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumblocal-fishing-village-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbfisherman-island-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
Far beyond the ethereal vision of brilliant blue waters lies a clandestine treasure that reveals the very essence of Maldives, the fishermen’s islands. Promising an unforgettable journey for travellers, a visit to the fishermen’s Islands will be the idyllic excursion for those curious souls wanting to learn more about the vibrant and rich culture of Maldives. Taking you on an experience of a lifetime, fishermen’s Islands is an open window to secluded communities, those that carry on the traditions and norms laid down many centuries ago. Untouched by modernity, the untamed beauty of the island is nothing short of spectacular where travellers can simply immerse in the tranquil surroundings of a typical fishing village. Stepping into a realm of Maldivian heritage, travellers will be able to take a luxurious glimpse into the life of the fishing community from their distinct lifestyle to their handicrafts. The communities of around a thousand people depend heavily of the bountiful nature of the sea, where fishing is seen as an integral part of their lives. A thriving livelihood in this tropical paradise, onlookers are able to vividly capture their close-knit relationships, an experience that is not to be missed. Strolling around the area, travellers are able to walk amidst the peaceful fishing villages and gaze at the mesmerising sights of the local women deftly weaving traditional handicrafts and the smiling faces of the children playing gleefully outside the humble wooden hut houses. An eye-opening experience, travellers will undoubtedly revel in the authentic Maldivian experience fishermen’s islands offers, where you can take home some special souvenirs for remembrance.

Lover’s Paradise

Much of the Maldivian islands are uninhabited, making the Maldives the ideal escape for lovers of all ages. A visit to one of its deserted islands will allow couples to relax and enjoy a special day in complete privacy. Transporting you and your partner on a dhoni, the boat will drop you off on a private island where the two of you can have a gourmet lunch under the cooling shade of a beach umbrella. Adding yet another dimension of pleasure, enjoy the refreshments as the guides will leave you and your partner ashore in each others company. Amidst the pleasure of a blissful solitude, the island is simply yours for your every whim. Evoking a sensation of being the only two people in the world, couples can simply lie on the powdery sand and gently sip away on exquisite champagne. A haven where you can possibly embark on whatever pleases you, stroll around amidst the untouched part of nature, where the softness of the sand has not seen a human footprint for many years. Be amazed by the undisturbed sounds of nature and watch the stars come alive in the night. Unfolding before your eyes, just lie on the deserted beach and gaze at the mesmerizing canvas of floating stars, glimmering in the night sky. The ideal getaway for lovers seeking paradise, walking on a moonlit night with your significant other while the cool breeze of the ocean surrounds you would undoubtedly create unforgettable memories that would last a lifetime, memories that lures couples to come back time and time again to experience the wonder of virgin islands.

Desert Island

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  • small_thumbexcursions-to-dessert-island-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbexcursions-to-dessert-island-beach-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbexcursions-to-dessert-island-beach--play-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
A heavenly paradise, a visit to the desert islands will definitely be an experience of its own. Tucked away in the immense expanse of the Indian Ocean, the desert islands are some of the most pristine retreats in the world. There are far more deserted, uninhabited islands in the Maldives than there are inhabited ones. These islands are a popular attraction among both tourists and locals as they offer some of the most picturesque environments created by the azure blue ocean and the white sands. The islands are perfect getaways for couples wanting a perfect background to their romance. Adventurous families may also find the palm frilled beaches of a desert isle full of mystery and excitement where you can venture to discover the mysteries of nature, or relax in the cool sea breeze while enjoying a picnic and building sand castles. Adding the perfect touch, enjoy a BBQ lunch in the traditional Maldivian manner, cooked over a fire of coconut husks. For the nature lover, the vibrant marine life of the coral reefs that surround these desert islands may present a getaway to the perfect communion with nature. These islands are where the wildest imaginations are free to roam in complete isolation and perfect freedom.

Sunset Photo Flip

Cruising on the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and sailing towards the setting sun is one of the many great experiences that you will remember through the Sunset Photo Flip in the Maldives. A one of a kind excursion on the waters of the Indian Ocean, treat yourself to the remarkable vision of the sunset. Watch as the sky changes color as its flawless reflection on the calm waters amaze you. Just as the red fireball dips below clear façade, gaze at the horizon afar as the blue waters suddenly change colour, blending with the hues of the sky. Ideal for amateur and expert photographers seeking that perfect photo, enjoy the thrilling sensation as you take pictures from different angles, capturing the impressive beauty of the sunset. Setting off on a traditional Maldivian Dhoni, a sturdy sailboat, cruise towards the sunset where the traveler stumbles upon a gorgeous spectacle that mother nature offers only to a few. The striking colors of the setting sun on the backdrop of the blue sky will be a sight most memorable, among the coral reefs and underwater marine life. Accompanied with a camera, high spirits, and delectable traditional Maldivian food, the Sunset Photo Flip is an experience that will be treasured by the discerning traveler for years to come.

Sun Yourself On A Sandbank

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  • small_thumbsun-bathing-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbsun-bathing-2-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbsun-bathing-3-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
To visitors to the Maldives, the unassuming patches of the purest white sand that are dotted throughout the Maldivian territory might be hardly worth a mention. But the closer one looks at these beautiful aquatic dunes of sand, the more one would become mesmerized by its subtle beauty and almost mysterious nature. Untouched by modernity, there is nothing humble about the exquisite scenery of the sandbanks. A feast for the eyes, its untamed beauty will live up to the expectations of the guests, surrounded by nothing except pure white sand. The sandbanks are of many shapes and sizes. One feature that all these sandbanks have in common is it’s sandy and barren, treeless surface. These small islands of sand are scattered throughout the seas surrounding the main islands and can be used for anything that the imagination allows you to do. Whether it’s to take a break from an exciting adventure or a simple, romantic excursion over the ocean, the sandbanks offer thrills for the curious and solitude for wanderers. Like the weather, the sandbanks are in a state of constant change. The ocean moves and recreates the sandbanks according to its will, making the banks an evolving organism of mystery and timeless beauty. Travellers can spend 3 magical hours wading in the shore, soaking up the sun, sand and the turquoise waters. Awaiting you are refreshments and a selection of tropical fruit under a shady beach umbrella to make your sandbank experience even more enjoyable.

Water Sports

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  • small_thumbsnorkeling-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbsnorkeling-2-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbsnorkeling-3-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbsnorkeling-4-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
Explore the world under water in it’s richest sense while you dive your way through it. Let the deep under water calm your soul while you enjoy the wonderful scenes that could only be found under the rippling waves of the sea.


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  • small_thumbtest-dive-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbtest-dive-2-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
Explore the world under water in it’s richest sense while you dive your way through it. Let the deep under water calm your soul while you enjoy the wonderful scenes that could only be found under the rippling waves of the sea.

Renewal of Vows

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  • small_thumbendless-love-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbrenewal-of-vows-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbrenewal-of-vows-2-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
  • small_thumbwedding-suite-meedhupparu-island-resort-maldives-adaaran-select-meedhupparu.jpg
Ever wondered why the Maldives is a much sought after wedding destination? Being surrounded by miles upon mile of endless Azure Ocean that kisses golden shores whilst the interiors of the atolls are filled with lush verdant vegetation teeming with vibrant life makes Adaaran Select Meedhupparu a very exotic locale for a splendid wedding. Walk down to the shore where a decorated enclave is setup up for your ceremony made up of intertwined palm leaves garnished in colourful tropical flowers. Step up in front of the priest to take your vows under the guise of local traditions and customs. Then once you have symbolised your union, enjoy champagne on the beach and a slice of delicious wedding cake garnished in tropical fruits as Maldivian drummers send you off on an ocean cruise via a specially decorated dhoni. The next morning partake in a sumptuous champagne breakfast under the morning sun and an elegant five course dinner under the blanket of night amongst the invigorating sea breeze and the sound of the whispering waves. Our wedding coordinator and experienced staff will take care of all the essentials, making sure you never have to lift a finger during your holiday.

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