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Lily Beach Resort And Spa

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, Distance From Airport - 80.5 Km / 50.02 Miles, Transport to hotel aprox 25 Mins by Seaplane or 20 Mins by Domestic Plane

Rooms and Price Ranges of Lily Beach Resort And Spa

    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 281 to USD 581
    • Over Water Rooms
    • Rate between USD 343 to USD 711
    • Over water unit with private swimming pool
    • Rate between USD 468 to USD 941
    • Inter Connecting Beach Villas ( for families )
    • Rate between USD 570 to USD 1173
    • Over water unit with private swimming pool
    • Rate between USD 635 to USD 1468

NB : All Prices displayed are per person per night based on DBL sharing basis Price will vary depending on the traveling dates and number of persons

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Lily beach resort and spa, is one of the top 5 star Deluxe All-Inclusive Platinum Plan Vacation resort in the Maldives, has a grand international recognition for its wonderful beaches, tropical isle vegetation and the exceptional house-reef, beautiful Villas just steps away from the white sand beach. This isle situated close by best diving sites in Indian Ocean.

Where is Maldives? In the deep and shallow blue sea of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by the scattered tiny Islands called the Garland of Flowers (Maldives Islands) of unbelievable natural beauty, Lily Beach Resort is that the island - Huvahendhoo at the South East Ari-Atoll, just 20-minute seaplane ride from Malé International Airport. Ideal Maldives holiday in an island resort with tranquility, serenity and amazing natural surroundings combined with outstanding vacation hotel facilities and services makes Lily Beach hotel an ideal place for a real restful holiday, Maldives honeymoon, holiday trip or a romantic couple's escape.

You can take pleasure in the activities like diving, snorkeling and other water sports, and lily beach has a nice kids club for your little members, it is a great plus for families or groups with kids to escape to their romantic time



Beach Villa

beach-villa-exterior-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives beach-villa-interior-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives beach-villa-bed-room-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives beach-villa-sea-side-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives
  • beach-villa-exterior-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • beach-villa-interior-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • beach-villa-bed-room-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • beach-villa-sea-side-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
Villa Size : 68 Sqm No of Suits : 57
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Main Villa Features , Facilities and Amenities:

  • Private Deck with direct access to the beach
  • Outdoor Bathroom with Jacuzzi Bathtub
  • WC and Shower
  • Queen-size bed
  • Day-bed
  • Air-conditioning
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Mini Bar, Coffee, Tea, Espresso making facilities
  • Safety Box
  • Internet Access
  • CD.DVD player
  • Home Theatre system
  • 29” LCD Flat Screen
  • Satellite TV

Beach Villas , 57 Villas and Size of 68 square meters are Nestled amidst the vegetation along the pristine white beach, the elegantly designed , Beach Villas feature natural wood & stone flooring, open-air bathroom, private outdoor setting with direct access to the beach.

Lagoon Villa

lagoon-villa-exterior-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives lagoon-villa-bed-room-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives lagoon-villa-bath-room-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives lagoon-villa-varenda-sea-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives1
  • lagoon-villa-exterior-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • lagoon-villa-bed-room-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • lagoon-villa-bath-room-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • lagoon-villa-varenda-sea-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives1.jpg
Villa Size : 90 Sqm No of Suits : 16
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Lagoon Villas, 16 villas and size 90 square meters are set on the beach line of the tropical green rich garden, lagoon villa emphasizes the exclusive nature of the Maldives resort with interiors retaining a unique Maldivian charm.

The villas include an outdoor bathroom with Jacuzzi bathtub, terrace facing the blue sea and with a private beachfront.

Facilities: Private terrace with direct access to the lagoon , Outdoor Bathroom with Jacuzzi Bathtub, WC and Shower ,4-poster King-size bed , Air-conditioning , Ceiling Fan , Mini Bar , Coffee , Tea , Espresso making facilities , Safety Box , Internet access , CD , DVD player , Home Theatre system , 29” LCD Flat Screen , Satellite TV


Deluxe Water Villa

deluxe-lagoon-villa-ocean-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives deluxe-lagoon-villa-bed-room-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives deluxe-lagoon-villa-bath-room-sea-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives deluxe-lagoon-villa-entrance-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives deluxe-water-villa-entrance-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives
  • deluxe-lagoon-villa-ocean-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • deluxe-lagoon-villa-bed-room-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • deluxe-lagoon-villa-bath-room-sea-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • deluxe-lagoon-villa-entrance-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • deluxe-water-villa-entrance-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
Villa Size : 126 Sqm No of Suits : 36
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Deluxe water villas, romantic, utmost privacy and with a distance of 15 feet between each deluxe water villa, these villas are beautifully prearranged with breath taking glass floor.

With a standalone single piece hand-crafted bathtub with Jacuzzi and an additional medium-sized Jacuzzi pool on the deck offering a fantastic view of the entire lagoon.

The Villa is built with a combination of natural wood and marble decorated interiors, direct access to the lagoon and uncompromised view of the endless blue horizon.

Family Beach Villa

Villa Size : 136 Sqm No of Suits : 12
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Sunset Water Suite

sun-set-water-suite-pool-deck-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives sun-set-water-suite-bed-room-sea-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives sun-set-water-suite-bath-room-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives sun-set-water-suite--full-bed-room-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives
  • sun-set-water-suite-pool-deck-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • sun-set-water-suite-bed-room-sea-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • sun-set-water-suite-bath-room-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • sun-set-water-suite--full-bed-room-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
Villa Size : 182 Sqm No of Suits : 4
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Sunset Water Suites, 4 Suites, Size 182m² are individually designed and ultra-private, Elegant and luxurious, these grand Sunset Water Suite on the sunset side of the island are truly the pride of the resort.

The rooms offers a panoramic view of the mesmerizing turquoise waters of the ocean, amazing private deck and with direct access to the lagoon and the exotic house reef from the villa.

These suites have a separate private sitting area along with 4-poster King Size beds, an oversized day bed, day loungers, 14 square meters infinity pool and a 52” LCD flat screen. Truly the ultimate ‘over-water’ living delight.

Facilities: 24 Hours Private Butler service , Private Deck with direct access to the lagoon , 14m² Private Jacuzzi Pool , Oversized day-bed , 4-poster king-size bed ,In-room Bath with a Jacuzzi Bathtub, WC and Shower booth , Air-conditioning , Ceiling Fan ,Mini Bar , Coffee/Tea/Espresso making facilities , Safety Box , Internet access , CD/DVD player , Home Theatre system , 52” LCD Flat Screen , Satellite TV. The ultimate ‘Over-water’ living experience!



Lily Maa

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  • lily-maa-main-restaurant-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • lily-maa-main-restaurant-buffet-dinner-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • lily-maa-main-restaurant-food-variety-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • lily-maa-main-restaurant-shashimi-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg

“Lily Maa”, our open-air main restaurant offers a panoramic view of the lagoon and showcases some of the finest cuisine served in the Maldives. Our experienced International Chefs, will delight you with a wonderful combination of sumptuous buffet and ala carte Fine dining experiences. The two open live cooking stations add variety of freshly prepared dishes to a sumptuous and relaxed dining experience.


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  • aqva-bar-pool-side-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • aqva-bar-children-pool-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • aqva-bar-interior-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • aqva-bar-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg

Aqua is the dreamy place to be to enjoy a snack and a drink at any time. The sublime infinity pool and view to the blue lagoon make this place a top spot in the Maldives. Aqua Bar has also a kids pool.

The Spirit bar

Click the bigger image to Zoom
  • the-spirit-bar-counter-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • the-spirit-bar-beach-side-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • the-spirit-bar-inside-look-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • the-spirit-bar-night-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg

Informal and lively, “The Spirit bar & Lounge” is the ideal spot to chill out. Sandy floors, vibrant colour schemes, beautiful in and outdoor settings and tastefully selected lounge music makes the Spirit a perfect place to unwind and relax after an eventful day

Tamarind- Sun Set Restaurant

Click the bigger image to Zoom
  • tamarand-restaurant-exterior-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • tamarand-restaurant-interior-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • tamarand-restaurant-service-counter-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • tamarand-restaurant-ocean-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg

The Specialty Restaurant (One A-La-Carte Fine Dining per person per week) Tamarind features a fusion of Indian and Chinese Cuisine, offering a truly unforgettable Culinary Journey. The private Over-water tables and the elegant ambiance complemented with the Signature dishes and Premium Wines. A Romantic & Fine Dining Experience. Dress code : casual/ Chic Open for diners.

In Villa Dining

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  • in-villa-diining-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • in-villa-diining-cakes-and-fruits-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • in-villa-diining-prawsn-and-sea-food-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • in-villa-diining-for-couple-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg

24 Hours In Villa Dinning service is available for the clients. clients can order food from the room telephone at any time

Tamara Spa by Mandara

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  • tamara-spa-exterior-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • tamara-spa-massage-bed-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • tamara-spa-ocean-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • tamara-spa-sea-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg

Our over-water Spa pavilions are designed to be a sanctuary for the inner self, refreshing and rejuvenating your spirit as well as your physical being. The unique glass floor in combination with the natural materials and exotic fragrances reflects the very spirit of 'Tamara'.

The privacy and tranquility of the outdoor lounge coupled with the mesmerizing view of the azure lagoon will drift you into a realm of blissful happiness and total relaxation. As a compliment to your over–all experience, Mandara’s special signature treatments will stimulate your senses and revitalize your body by taking you to a whole new level of peace and self indulgence.

Flood Lit Tennis Court

Click the bigger image to Zoom
  • small_thumbflood-light-tennis-court-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbtennis-court-side-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg

Flood Lit Tennis Court

Billiard Tables

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  • small_thumbplaying-billiard-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
Billiard Tables are available for clients to enjoy pooling

Water Sports

Click the bigger image to Zoom
  • small_thumbwater-sports-center-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbcatamaran-sailing-center-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbcanoening-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbbeach-side-view-water-sports-center-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
Variety of water sports activities are available in lily beach resort and spa - activities like Fun tube , Water Ski , Wakeboarding , Water Ski Lesson , Wakeboading Lesson , Sandbank Trip , Private Hire

Island Tours and Excursions

Click the bigger image to Zoom
  • small_thumbexcursions-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbexcursion-to-islands-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbdesset-island-picnic-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbvisiting-dhangethi-local-island-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
Visit local islands near by. see the culture of maldivians and their way of living

24-Hour Business Center Service

Click the bigger image to Zoom
  • small_thumb24-hrs-business-center-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
The full-service 24- Business Services Center is conveniently located on-site. Enjoy a wide range of services and equipment including copying, printing, fax and e-mail services, Computer workstations are available with high-speed Internet access and many business and graphics applications

Doctor On Island

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  • small_thumbdoctor-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
A doctor is available in the island for clients service

Health & Fitness Centre - Gym

Click the bigger image to Zoom
  • small_thumbfitness-center-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbfitness-center-interior-view-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
A Fully equipped gym is available at the resort for client service

Ocean Pro Diving Center

Click the bigger image to Zoom
  • small_thumbdive-center-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbdeap-sea-diving-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbturtle-feeding-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbreef-diving-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
The OCEAN-PRO Dive Team at LILY BEACH RESORT & SPA is a Dive Center under Swiss management and they offer the whole range of PADI courses from beginner up to dive master level plus a wide range of specialty courses. Nitrox 32% for free! The big and protected lagoon with its clear and calm waters and the superb house reef of Lily Beach Resort and Spa at Huvahendhoo are ideal for conducting beginner courses. The 2 classrooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV-video sets and all PADI standard education facilities.

Kids Club

Click the bigger image to Zoom
  • small_thumbturtles-kids-club-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbkids-club-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-island-hotel-luxury-all-inclusive-resort-south-ari-atoll.jpg
  • small_thumbinside-look-turtles-kids-club-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbkids-club-2-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-island-hotel-luxury-all-inclusive-resort-south-ari-atoll.jpg
  • small_thumbkids-play-ground-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbkids-club-3-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-island-hotel-luxury-all-inclusive-resort-south-ari-atoll.jpg
Turtles knows something athers don't. The Kids are also holidaying and they want to be pampered, too. Our established Kids Club is free of charge and has both indoor and out door activities to ensure a fantastic time for children ages 3 - 12 years old. Open daily from 9:00 - 18:00. Bring your child for a day of fun filled activities. Please remember to bring swim suits, dry cloths, Sun lotion and cap. And also Babysitting Service is available

Honeymoon Offer

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  • small_thumbhoneymoon-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbhoneymoon-dinner-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbbeach-honeymoon-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
  • small_thumbbed-decoration-lily-beach-resort-and-spa-at-huvahendhoo-maldives.jpg
All guests on their honeymoon, who have booked for minimum 5 nights stay at the Resor t will be provided with the following on a complimentar y basis: ROOM SET-UP • Bottle of Sparkeling Wine • Baby wedding cake • Local Flowers • Romantic Music DINING AND COCKTAIL • A Special Candle-light Dinner for two on the beach • Sunset cock tail on terrace ser ved on the terrace in “AQVA” Pool Bar TURN-DOWN SERVICE (1st or 2nd evening depending on the arrival) • Bath tub f illed with warm water and f lower petals • Romantically shaped bed decoration TAMAR A SPA BY MANDAR A • Complimentar y Massage for two in “Tamara Spa” by Mandara

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