Maldives Vacation Packages

Kuramathi Island Resort

, Distance From Airport - 70 Km / 43.50 Miles, Transport to hotel aprox 20 Mins by Seaplane

Rooms and Price Ranges of Kuramathi Island Resort

    • Garden View Rooms
    • Rate between USD to USD
    • Inter Connecting Beach Villas ( for families )
    • Rate between USD 218 to USD 483
    • Two Bed Room unit on the Beach
    • Rate between USD 257 to USD 432
    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 265 to USD 524
    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 275 to USD 538
    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 298 to USD 570
    • Over Water Rooms
    • Rate between USD 309 to USD 509
    • Over Water Rooms
    • Rate between USD 321 to USD 515
    • Over water unit with private swimming pool
    • Rate between USD 343 to USD 551
    • Beach Room with Private Swimming Pool
    • Rate between USD 353 to USD 566
    • Over water unit with private swimming pool
    • Rate between USD 366 to USD 594
    • Over Water Rooms
    • Rate between USD 378 to USD 669
    • Beach Room with Private Swimming Pool
    • Rate between USD 457 to USD 789

NB : All Prices displayed are per person per night based on DBL sharing basis Price will vary depending on the traveling dates and number of persons

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Kuramathi Island Resort, set on a beautiful Maldivian island in Rasdhoo Atoll, 20-minute seaplane ride from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (Malé International Airport). Kuramathi island offers a naturally Maldivian holiday experience with unique twists to suit everyone.  An emerald island resort in the clear blue Maldives waters.  Massive areas with lots of vegetation. Beautiful beaches straight into an endless sandbank

On this long white beached Maldives island resort, you can enjoy the beach umbrellas and sun loungers for a relaxing day at the beach or cool off in one of the two outdoor infinity swimming pools and indulge in a pampering afternoon at the full-service spa offering a wide  range of massages, facial and body treatments.. Or else if you wish to have a nice cool drink you can try the beachside bar or one of the resort's other drinking venues including a beach bar and a poolside bar.  

Kuramathi Island resort is an island for Honeymooners and for families who wish to have a family  Holiday
Whether you are one half of a couple on a romantic holiday or part of a big family seeking to enjoy quality time together, whether you would rather spend leisurely hours in an afternoon in the spa  therapies or spend an afternoon snorkeling at the coral rich house reefs, there is always something for everyone. Indulge in dining and wining experiences to suit your every desire. There are 15 dining options available in this particular Maldives holiday resort island.
Kuramathi Island Resort is also within an easy reach of to some of the best dive sites in North area still , Holi Faru Dive Site, Rasdhoo Reef Dive Site for Drift dive, Sharks, Big fishes, good house Reef, and Adivaru Thila Dive Site to find turtles, big barracudas, white tip reef sharks and groups of batfish. Also nearby is Madivaru Corner Dive Site for variety and number of fishes like Stone fish, scorpion fish nudibranche, lobsters are as big as huge tunas, eagle rays, napoleon wrasse, white tip reef sharks and even a manta is possible and Big Blue Dive Sit for scalloped hammerhead sharks

Resort Features.
Kuramathi’s 3 main restaurants to serve international buffets breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests can also enjoy fresh seafood and Maldivian type barbecues set on the beachfront at Island Barbecue. For a refreshing drinks and cocktails there are 6 bars available in the resort
All-inclusive and room-only rates are available for this resort. All-inclusive rates will include meals and beverages at onsite restaurants. Charges may be applicable for dining at some restaurants, special dishes and dinners, several beverages, and other amenities.
All the tourist areas will have wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi, surcharges apply). Additional amenities at this 4-star resort include a complimentary kids club (children's club), a swimming pool for children's and an outdoor floodlit tennis court.
Water sporting facilities  are available at the 2 dive centers on the island.

Rooms open to balconies or patios. The 290 Spacious air-conditioned villas or guestrooms feature spectacular views of the sea and provide easy access to the beach or gardens at Kuramathi Island Resort. The villas are including iPod docking stations and CD players. Wireless high-speed Internet access (surcharge) is provided. Rooms are equipped with DVD players and flat-screen LCD TVs with connections of premium cable channels. Bathrooms offer rainfall showerheads combination with a shower/tub, bathrobes, hair dryers, and are with complimentary toiletries. In-room coffee/tea makers and minibars are provided. Additional amenities include in-room mini safes and ceiling fans. In addition there is every night Turndown service and housekeeping service is available daily.



Garden Villas

front-view-garden-villa-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals bed-room-garden-villa-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals
  • front-view-garden-villa-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
  • bed-room-garden-villa-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
Villa Size : 45 Sqm No of Suits : 12
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Deluxe Beach Villa

  • bed-room-deluxe-beach-villa-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 51 Sqm No of Suits : 36
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2 Bedroom Beach Houses

bed-room-2-bed-room-beach-house-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals bed-room--view-2-bed-room-beach-house-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals bath-room-2-bed-room-beach-house-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals
  • bed-room-2-bed-room-beach-house-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
  • bed-room--view-2-bed-room-beach-house-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
  • bath-room-2-bed-room-beach-house-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
Villa Size : 205 Sqm No of Suits : 35
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Beach Villa With Jacuzzi

beach-villa-with-jacuzzi-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel bed-room-beach-villa-with-jacuzzi-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel
  • beach-villa-with-jacuzzi-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-beach-villa-with-jacuzzi-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 90 Sqm No of Suits : 33
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Superior Beach Villa With Jacuzzi

  • bed-room-superior-beach-villa-with-jacuzzi-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 90 Sqm No of Suits : 35
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Deluxe Beach Villa With Jacuzzi

Villa Size : 95 Sqm No of Suits : 31
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Water Villa

  • bed-room-water-villa-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 52 Sqm No of Suits : 20
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Deluxe Water Villa

bed-room-deluxe-water-villa-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals bath-room-deluxe-water-villa-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals
  • bed-room-deluxe-water-villa-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
  • bath-room-deluxe-water-villa-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
Villa Size : 136 Sqm No of Suits : 30
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Water Villa with Pool

bed-room-water-villa-with-pool-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals water-villa-with-pool-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals interior-view-water-villa-with-pool-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals
  • bed-room-water-villa-with-pool-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
  • water-villa-with-pool-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
  • interior-view-water-villa-with-pool-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
Villa Size : 185 Sqm No of Suits : 33
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Sunset Pool Villas

sunset-pool-villas-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals bed-room-sunset-pool-villas-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals
  • sunset-pool-villas-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
  • bed-room-sunset-pool-villas-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
Villa Size : 165 Sqm No of Suits : 12
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Sunset Water Villa with Pool

sunset-water-villa-with-pool-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals bed-room-sunset-water-villa-with-pool-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals interior-view-sunset-water-villa-with-pool-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals
  • sunset-water-villa-with-pool-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
  • bed-room-sunset-water-villa-with-pool-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
  • interior-view-sunset-water-villa-with-pool-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-islands-4-star-superior-Hotel-north-ari-atoll-rasdu-atoll-book-holidays-offers-honeymoon-vacation-packages-deals.jpg
Villa Size : 185 Sqm No of Suits : 16
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Water Villa with Jacuzzi

  • exterior-view-water-villa-with-jacuzzi-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 90 Sqm No of Suits : 50
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Honeymoon Pool Villa

  • honeymoon-pool-villa-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 310 Sqm No of Suits : 2
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Haruge, Malaafaiy, Farivalhu

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  • haruge-restaurant-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Located in different parts of the island, all main restaurants offer breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. Breakfast is continental with a wide selection cereal, fresh pastries and breads, fresh fruits, juices, and a live cooking station offering eggs, waffles and pancakes prepared to your liking. Lunch is a light affair, featuring a variety of salads and sandwiches, whilst themed buffets from all around the world are offered for dinner.

Island Coffee Shop

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  • island-cofee-shop-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • island-cofee-shop-2-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Offering views of our infinity pool, Island Coffee Shop is an all day dining option featuring a diverse International menu and a special selection of local curries.

Siam Garden Restaurant

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  • siam-garden-restaurant-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • siam-garden-2-restaurant-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Situated amidst the luxuriant vegetation of Kuramathi, Siam Garden offers guests an authentic experience, with a wide menu offering the distinct flavourful dishes from the four regions of Thailand. The menu includes a wide variety of seafood, fish, vegetarian, beef and chicken dishes as well as delicious Thai fresh fruits, desserts and Asian herbal teas. Siam Garden is open every evening for dinner and once a week hosts a ‘Discover Thai Food’ buffet.

Tandoor Mahal

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  • tandoori-mahal-restaurant-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Surrounded by the lush gardens, Tandoor Mahal offers guests the chance to experience traditional Tandoori cooking with some delicious curries, rice, Biriyani and an assortment of Indian breads. Tandoor Mahal is open for dinner every night and features a ‘Discover Indian Food’ buffet once a week.

The Reef

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  • the-reef-restaurant-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • the-reef-2-restaurant-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • the-reef-3-restaurant-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • the-reef-4-restaurant-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

An intimate restaurant, situated on the beach along the narrow stretch of the island, The Reef is our signature seafood restaurant. It offers guests fresh catch from the Maldivian waters and quality seafood imported from abroad. Your choice of dinner is prepared right in front of you, just the way you like it.

Palm Pizzeria & Gelateria

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  • palm-pizzeria-and-gelateria-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel1.jpg
  • palm-pizzeria-and-gelateria-2-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel1.jpg

Palm offers traditional Italian pizza with crispy thin crusts, a wide selection of pastas and fresh salads, and for dessert, homemade ice cream, both classical and tropical flavours. Come evening, the Palm offers a contemporary menu of Mediterranean food, wine, culture and ‘joie de vivre’.

Island Barbeque

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  • island-barbeque-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Select high quality meats are cooked to your desires, complemented with traditional barbeque side dishes and matured fine wines. Set right on the beach, with views out to the sea and the infinity pool, this chic restaurant also offers a selection of island grown organic food.

Private Dining Experiences

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  • private-dinning-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • private-dinning-2-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • private-dinning-3-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

To celebrate your anniversary or to toast to your new-found love, for the ultimate romantic gesture or to even ask ‘the question’, why not try the island’s private dining experiences? It provides the perfect setting.

Fung Bar

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  • fung-bar-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • fung-bar-2-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

An ideal location to chill out and enjoy fabulous cocktails any time of the day. Fung Bar also offers open-air disco for the enthusiastic dancers. Located directly on the beach, Fung Bar is open from 09:00hrs until the last guest leaves the bar in the evening.

Dhoni Bar

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  • dhoni-bar-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Dhoni Bar is a perfect place to relax whilst enjoying panoramic views across the dazzling waters of the lagoon. Dhoni Bar is open from 09:00hrs until the last guest leaves

Laguna Bar

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  • laguna-bar-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • laguna-2-bar-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

An intimate bar, situated at the far end of the island where you can relax on the outdoor decks whist enjoying a refreshing drink. Watch stingrays feeding as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean. Laguna Bar is open from 09:00hrs till the departure of the last guest.

Havana Club

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  • havana-club-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

This elegantly appointed bar offers an eclectic selection of wines from around the globe, as well as the finest of international cigars in a cool setting. It is an ideal location for an aperitif or a late evening get together. A selection of delicious nibbles is available to complement your wine selection. For those who wish to feel like a star for a night, Karaoke is available.

Pool Bar

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  • pool-bar-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • pool-bar-2-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

For an ice cold drink to sip as you unwind by the pool or after a hard workout at the gym, the pool bar offers a range of thirst-quenching drinks including delicious freshly blended fruit shakes. Pool Bar is open from 09:00 to 20:00hrs.

Sand Bar

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  • sand-bar-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Just steps away from the beach, this sand floored bar offers a relaxed and casual atmosphere, with comfy bean bags as your seats. Stargaze whilst savouring your favourite cocktail.

Kuramathi Spa

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  • spa-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • yoga-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • spa-2-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • spa-3-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
As life renews itself continuously, so does Kuramathi Spa. Although our Spa has been with us for many years, Kuramathi Spa now prides itself with its level of excellence in Spa Hospitality and Services provided. The renewed setting emanates well-being and tranquillity and new fragrances fill the air. All yours to enjoy. Each Guest is offered a moment in paradise that will instil a sense of wellness, balance inner harmony and restore vitality. A place to reconnect with one’s self, and allow the natural flow of pure energy, bringing back awareness into being. We have integrated, Ancient Rituals that once nourished our Body, relaxed the Mind and balanced the Spirit, with the highest level quality of European beauty products and Far-Eastern natural essential oils, all in great respect to our environment and location. Our Rituals are performed by our team of highly trained professionals, from Asia, each eager to create an unforgettable experience every time you are in their care. As one of the Maldives spa resort, we take pride in continually offering an unparalleled level of quality in every care program we provide

Kuramathi Spa Facilities

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  • spa-facilities-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
The Spa at Kuramathi is set in the heart of the island amongst luxuriant vegetation and boasts the ocean as its backdrop. Our facilities include 13 treatment rooms, consisting of 1 couples' water pavilion massage room, 2 couples' beach pavilion massage and tatami rooms, 1 aesthetic beauty care couples' room, 1 manicure and couples' pedicure room, 8 beachside couples' treatment rooms and 1 private herbal bath treatment room. Prepare for your Ritual, soothe your body and quiet the mind in our separate male and female wet areas. We offer you Rain Showers, Herbal Essence Steam Bath, Finnish Sauna, Cool Dip Pool and Jacuzzi. Then, take a moment before your appointment to relax in our Spa Lounge and enjoy the warm breeze and sound of the ocean as you savour our special blended pre-treatment herbal tea prepared for you by our team.

Aqua Sports Fun

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  • small_thumbsnorekeling-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbwater-sports-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbjet-ski-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Go on an adrenaline filled adventure while you play in the sparkling turquoise lagoon of Kuramathi. Our water sports caters to everyone's needs from serene cruises on a catamaran, to vigorous wake boarding sessions. Engage in a wide range of non-motorised water sports including windsurfing, stand-up paddle surfing and kayaking. For those keen on thrill and excitement, try water skiing, banana rides or fun tubes. Windsurfing and catamaran sailing lessons are available for all levels. For youngsters who want to start early, we offer windsurf lessons for children of 8 years and above. Aqua Sports & Fun also offers a variety of individual excursions on a catamaran or snorkelling cruises on a motorboat. It is a VDWS certified school. Our qualified instructors speak English and German


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  • small_thumbexcursions-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
A full range of excursions are available including Island Hopping, Snorkelling Safari, Visit to Local Island Rasdhoo, Sunset Cruise, Coral Romance and Big Game Fishing. Kuramathi fully supports ‘tag and release’ policies in Big Game Fishing. We are also one of very few resorts which do not offer Night Fishing as an excursion. We take pride in our decision and our part to protect our pristine surroundings.

The Sports Centre

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  • small_thumbgymnasium-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbtennis-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
At Kuramathi we've come up with a host of options to keep you occupied. Facilities at the Sports Centre include: Freshwater Infinity Swimming Pool Freshwater Swimming Pool Children’s Pool Sauna Jacuzzi Gymnasium Floodlit Tennis Court.

Evening Entertainment

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  • small_thumbboduberu-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbsting-ray-feeding-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Night life in Kuramathi is abundant, ranging from the resident live band, starlit discos by the resident DJ, movie nights on the beach, and two-piece musicians orchestrating the enticing entertainment Kuramathi has to offer our guests. The schedule for the week ahead is posted at the reception/guest lounges and at the bars.


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  • small_thumbdiving-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbdiving-school-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbecho-center-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Spectacular marine life, vibrant reefs, warm waters and big fish encounters make Kuramathi a diving destination not to be missed. Add this to the wonderful natural island beauty and comfortable villas and facilities and you have a perfect diving location. Diving Rasdhoo Divers operates two dive schools on the island (both affiliated PADI Gold Palm/SSI facility/Barakuda/CMAS) so you are never more than a few minutes walk from the wonders of the Indian Ocean. Under the Anglo-Austrian management of Instructor trainers, Matt Berry and Helmuth Steuber since 1994, our experienced, multi-lingual dive team provides a friendly and professional service to our guests. Our enthusiastic instructors will inspire beginners to discover this amazing liquid world while experienced divers will find challenging dives with many types of sharks, mantas, turtles, rays, napoleons, barracuda and tuna as well as many of the smaller, but no less interesting inhabitants of the reef. Kuramathi is blessed by having an amazing Hammerhead Shark Point a mere eight minutes away by boat – one of the few remaining places in the world where you can still reliably see these magnificent creatures. Comfort and convenience for diving guests is assured with fast, modern dive boats that reach more than 20 local dive sites in an average boat ride of just 15 minutes. Our local trips are supplemented by twice weekly full day safaris and half day trips to dive some of the best sites in neighbouring North Ari atoll. Our knowledgeable team is complemented by the resident marine biologist divemaster and the Bio Station where you can find out everything you want to know about marine life. We also provide nitrox for free to offer divers that extra safety margin and we are well-supported by the Kuramathi Medical Centre and Hyperbaric Chamber.

Renewal of Love

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  • small_thumbwedding-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbrenewal-of-wows-kuramathi-island-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Our Maldives renewal of vows ceremony can range from a simple service at the beach to an elegant one at the island’s sandbank or a more traditional and elaborate setting at the “chapel of love” set over the lagoon. Kuramathi, a most romantic getaway in Maldives, offers different packages to suit you. The choice is yours and once it is made, the rest is left to the islanders of Kuramathi whilst you relax and pamper yourselves in anticipation for the big day.

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