Maldives Vacation Packages

Ihuru - Angsana

, Distance From Airport - 20 Km / 12.43 Miles, Transport to hotel aprox 25 Mins by Speed Boat

Rooms and Price Ranges of Ihuru - Angsana

    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 270 to USD 575
    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 296 to USD 606

NB : All Prices displayed are per person per night based on DBL sharing basis Price will vary depending on the traveling dates and number of persons

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Angsana Ihuru Maldives vacation resort island, the five star Maldivian luxury hotel rests peacefully on the islands big house reef that is located in North Male 'Atoll. Breathed the cold air while you hear the sound of waves, as for local language, "Ihuru" means "Old Palm Trees". Feel the resemblance of heaven as you take tour in the white powdery sand situated the Island.

Get fascinated! Experience the abundance, as you take your gears on for breath taking explore underwater. Celebrate the honeymoon or first night of romance, start your happily ever after basking the tropical haven secluded the clear water pristine beach.

Clinch the abundance of marine life just within the range of your villa, worth spending for Snorkeling and diving on the Ihuru's wide and best snorkeling house reef, which is naturally rich with corals. For lifetime commitments, honeymoon has never been so much of memories to remember.

From Ibrahim Naser Male' International Airport Maldive, 20-min speedboat ride in the balmy ocean to Ihuru Island Maldives.

A choice of cuisine and ambiance, blend of Asian, Mediterranean and Maldivian delight, stealthy savor the moment with the ultimate dining destination.

Whisk you away with serenity pamper yourself with the spa treatments, distressed and soothing calmness for whole body spa session Signature packages.

Revolutionary "SNUBA" snorkel-dive, crossover, first in the Maldives. Dive down while breathing through a hose attached to a raft.

Angsana Ihuru's nice beach and island atmosphere recommended for the travelers who like privacy, calm and quiet life throughout their Maldives holidays or family vacations. Don't hesitate to ask our expert to advise you with best maldives packages and seasonal offers for your maldives holidays booking.



Beach Front Villa

beach-front-villa-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel beach-front-villa-2-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel beach-front-villa-3-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel
  • beach-front-villa-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • beach-front-villa-2-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • beach-front-villa-3-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 57 Sqm No of Suits : 20
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Beach front Villas, 57 sqm is located right on the beach of the beautiful coral island, offering breathtaking views and breezes of the sparkling Indian Ocean from your own verandah.

Settled within lush foliage, the outdoor bathroom offers absolute privacy where you can bask in the warmth of the morning sun while enjoying a refreshing outdoor shower and relax on the well-appointed bedroom offers respite from the days’ activities.

The Beachfront Villa has a verandah with a dining table, chairs and an outdoor swing for leisure and relaxation by the beach. The bedroom is with a king size bed, an indoor lounge area with an extra bed as well as a dining table. Private garden area also comes in the villa.

The Beachfront Villa is able to accommodate a maximum of 4 persons (adult and children), and up to two extra beds.

Beach Front Jet Pool Villa

beach-front-jet-pool-villa-bed-room-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel beach-front-jet-pool-villa-bed-room-2-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel beach-front-jet-pool-villa-bed-room-3-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel beach-front-jet-pool-villa-bath-room-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel1 beach-front-jet-pool-villa-jet-pool-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel beach-front-jet-pool-villa-jet-pool-2-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel
  • beach-front-jet-pool-villa-bed-room-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • beach-front-jet-pool-villa-bed-room-2-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • beach-front-jet-pool-villa-bed-room-3-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • beach-front-jet-pool-villa-bath-room-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel1.jpg
  • beach-front-jet-pool-villa-jet-pool-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • beach-front-jet-pool-villa-jet-pool-2-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 68 Sqm No of Suits : 25
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Beachfront Jet Pool Villas 68 sqm is located right on the beach of the beautiful coral rich house reef island, offering breathtaking views of the sparkling blue lagoon from your own verandah. Settled amidst luxurious foliage, the outdoor bathroom offers absolute privacy while the well-appointed bedroom offers respite from the days’ activities.

This beautiful Beachfront Jet Pool Villa includes a verandah with a dining table with chairs and an outdoor swing for a leisurely read by the beach.

The bedroom is with a king-size bed, an indoor lounge area with extra bed, a private garden area with an outdoor shower and a fresh water jet pool.

The Beachfront Villa can accommodate up to 4 persons ( up to two extra beds.)


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  • riveli-restaurant-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • riveli-restaurant-2-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • riveli-restaurant-3-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • riveli-restaurant-4-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg

‘Riveli’ means ‘beam of light’ in Dhivehi, the national language of Maldives. Enjoy the fusion of Asian, Mediterranean and Maldivian cuisine. Choose your preferred meal and ambience – buffet or set dinner, indoors or alfresco.

The Velaavani Bar

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  • the-velaavani-bar-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • the-velaavani-bar-2-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • the-velaavani-bar-3-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • the-velaavani-bar-4-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg

‘Velaavani’ means ‘shallow bay’ in Dhivehi, the national language of Maldives. Chill out at the waterfront bar, sip cocktails and nibble on snacks. You may just spot turtles and dolphins in the lagoon and house reef.

Beach BBQ

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  • beach-bbq-dinning-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg

Dine under the stars & enjoy your own private BBQ (with Chef & Butler) in front of your villa. Enjoy a romantic evening with your partner in the warm gentle breeze, listening to the soft sounds of the Indian Ocean.

Saturday Beach Dinner

A special Lobster Menu, served on the beach every Saturday. Enjoy a magnificent meal fresh from the grill, while enjoying the view of the glimmering ocean under the stars.

Discovery Dining

The ultimate destination and culinary journey – a first in the Maldives. Enjoy your 5 courses dining experience in different 5 destinations on 2 islands. The ultimate dining adventure with Champagne and canapés during a romantic Sunset sailing trip, savour the flavours of our chefs with an exciting change of scenery with every course of your meal

Spa Dining

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  • spa-dinning-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg

Enjoy a relaxing massage at our award winning Spa, after which experience the culinary delights of our chefs with a 5 course dinner in the romantic ambience of the Spa.

Sandbank Dining

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  • sand-bank-dinning-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • sand-bank-dinning-2-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg

The breathtaking view of the setting sun will whet your appetite as we whisk you away on a speedboat towards the ultimate dining destination- our private Sandbank. Enjoy a romantic dining experience, served a sumptuous BBQ dinner, while sipping champagne, surrounded by the ocean under the stunning Maldivian night sky.

Angsana Spa

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  • spa-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • spa-2-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • spa-3-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • spa-4-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
Attain wellness across your spiritual, mental and physical being. Our holistic therapies rejuvenate you from within. In 1994, the Banyan Tree Phuket pioneered the tropical garden spa by introducing Oriental therapies that focus on spiritual, mental and physical harmony. Angsana Spa Ihuru distils these practices passed down the generations. Get pampered by experienced therapists in the backdrop of palm-fringed beaches and crystal-clear waters.


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  • small_thumbsnorkeling-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
Experience the dazzling beauty of marine life at a pristine reef within walking distance from your villa.

Local Tours

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  • small_thumblocal-tours-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
Experience a slice of Maldivian living. Visit the capital city of Malé and explore an uninhabited island

hobie-cat sailing

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  • small_thumbhobby-cat-sailing-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbhobby-cat-sailing-2-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbhobby-cat-sailing-3-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbhobby-cat-sailing-4-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
Indulge in water sports in the vicinity of the island. Enjoy hobie-cat sailing,


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  • small_thumbwind-surfing-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbwind-surfing-2-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
With its warm water, consistent winds, and the lagoons surrounding many of the islands, the Angsana Ihuru is a windsurfing hot spot. The best season is from May to October when the wet season hits and the winds pick up. Angsana Ihuru have the necessary equipment and on-site instructors to assist guests in learning to windsurf

reef fishing

Fancy catching red snapper, grouper, jack fish, rainbow runners and sea bass? Listen to the sound of waves, enjoy the evening sea breeze and have a leisurely fishing experience as the sun sets beneath the ocean. Our experienced crew is on hand to provide useful tips to help you snare a prized catch for your dinner.

sports fishing

Fishing in the Maldives waters can be an adventure of a lifetime. Not only is there a lot of fish , there is a lot of huge fish. Maldivian seas are blue and deep and the fish numerous and varied. Sailfish, giant trevally, grouber, marlin, shark, kingfish, bonefish, huge tuna, wahoo, barracuda and jackfish are common and will propably be the fish you will be fihgting in the Maldives. One of the main fish you will want to hook on a fly is Giant Trevally. Our skippers will take you right on the schools of 30 - 80 pound GTs.

Fun tubing

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  • small_thumbfun-tubing-angsana-ihuru-resort-maldives-islands-hotel.jpg
This adventure makes for great memories for holiday experiences. Tubing is the equivalent of rollercoaster ride of our beautiful and natural water theme parks. We’ve found that Tubing alone is the highlight of some kids’ vacation. …and when we say “kids” we mean the kid in you too!


Available for beginners or people with more experience, this sport is fast and exciting! Those who have tried it before will remember the first time they ever stood up and how exilerated they felt. Don’t let being new to the sport put you off, it’s not as difficult as it looks, but it is as fun as it looks!

beach volleyball

If you like your beach time a bit more active, then probably the most popular beach activity is Beach Volleyball. Not just in the Maldives, where it is definitely the sport you will see most often set up at resorts by the waterside with often a keen staffer stirring up some play among the guests.


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  • small_thumbdiving-angsana-ihuru-maldives-hotel-luxury-5-star-resort-spa-villas-north-male-atoll.jpg
  • small_thumbdiving-1-angsana-ihuru-maldives-hotel-luxury-5-star-resort-spa-villas-north-male-atoll.jpg
  • small_thumbdiving-2-angsana-ihuru-maldives-hotel-luxury-5-star-resort-spa-villas-north-male-atoll.jpg
  • small_thumbdiving-3-angsana-ihuru-maldives-hotel-luxury-5-star-resort-spa-villas-north-male-atoll.jpg

Explore our house reef, ideal for both beginners and experienced divers. We also provide training to improve your diving skills.

Sand Bank Wedding

Wedding ceremony at a private sandbank island with photographer Wedding cake and champagne during the ceremony A romantic dinner on the sandbank Three framed wedding photos In-Villa honeymooners’ breakfast A couple spa treatment at Angsana Spa Ihuru A gift from Angsana Gallery

Under Water Wedding

Underwater wedding ceremony Underwater wedding photography by a professional photographer 2 boat dives, inclusive of boat trip, equipment rental A sunset cruise with wine and canapés One-hour sailing on a catamaran with personal guide One excursion to Malé A couple spa treatment at Angsana Spa Ihuru A gift from Angsana Gallery Wedding certificate

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