Maldives Vacation Packages

Huvafen Fushi Maldives Resort

, Distance From Airport - 24 Km / 14.91 Miles, Transport to hotel aprox 30 Mins by Speed Boat

Rooms and Price Ranges of Huvafen Fushi Maldives Resort

    • Beach Room with Private Swimming Pool
    • Rate between USD to USD
    • Two Bed Room unit on the Beach with Private Swimming Pool
    • Rate between USD to USD
    • Beach Room with Private Swimming Pool
    • Rate between USD to USD
    • Over water unit with private swimming pool
    • Rate between USD to USD
    • Over water unit with glass floor panel and private swimming pool
    • Rate between USD to USD
    • Two Bed Room unit over the Water with Private Swimming Pool
    • Rate between USD to USD
    • Three Bed Room unit on the Beach with Private Swimming Pool
    • Rate between USD 1760 to USD 5520

NB : All Prices displayed are per person per night based on DBL sharing basis Price will vary depending on the traveling dates and number of persons

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Beach Bungalow With Plunge Pool

beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel plunge-pool-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel private-pool-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel bed-room-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel
  • beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • plunge-pool-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • private-pool-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 125 Sqm No of Suits : 8
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Facing the untouched coral rich lagoon with access direct to the beach. The private courtyard houses is an oversized bath, fresh water plunge swimming pool, waterfall shower , a sumptuous deck overlooking the beach with daybed and dining table.

Ammenties of Beach Bungalows Beach Bungalow With Plunge Pool :

  • • overhead fan
  • • espresso machine
  • • private bar
  • • luxurious amenities
  • • daybed
  • • safe
  • • IDD telephone
  • • Bang & Olufsen cordless telephone
  • • 32" plasma screen
  • • Bose surround sound system
  • • DVD Player

Beach Pavilion With Private Pool

front-view-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel front-view-2-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel living-area-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel private-pool-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel private-pool-2-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel private-pool-3-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel1 night-view-private-pool-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel
  • front-view-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • front-view-2-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • living-area-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • private-pool-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • private-pool-2-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • private-pool-3-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel1.jpg
  • night-view-private-pool-beach-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 800 Sqm No of Suits : 1
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The Beach Pavilion With Private Pool ( Plunge fresh water swimming pool ) is pure indulgence with its avant garde design and private and calm beach. The master bedroom on the upper floor offers views through your glass floor down to the infinity plunge swimming pool as well as straight out through your floor to ceiling glass window to the bluish lagoon. Venture down a stairwell to your outdoor oasis with open-air shower and gardens nestling a oversized bath.

The second room ( Bed Room ) has its own indoor outdoor bathroom with an overhead rain shower and separate outdoor wooden deck.

The dining room overlooks the entry ponds. An expansive plunge fresh water swimming pool fiber lit flows inside out from this luxury Maldives Pavilion.

A central living area offers  unlimited luxuries , Bose surround sound theatre system with DVD players and  60" plasma screen. A Thakuru, or personal butler, is available on call 24 hours a day throughout your stay in maldives holidays.

Deluxe Beach Bungalow With Plunge Pool

private-pool-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-private-pool-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool beach-view-private-pool-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-private-pool-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool bed-room-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-private-pool-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool night-view-bed-room-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-private-pool-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool
  • private-pool-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-private-pool-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool.jpg
  • beach-view-private-pool-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-private-pool-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool.jpg
  • bed-room-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-private-pool-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool.jpg
  • night-view-bed-room-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-private-pool-deluxe-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool.jpg
Villa Size : 160 Sqm No of Suits : 8
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In addition to the Beach Bungalows With Plunge swimming Pool, the Deluxe Beach Bungalows With Plunge swimming Pool have a bigger outdoor living area. The front timber sun deck is ideal for lying back and watching the flying fish.

Out in the private courtyard in the back, a plunge swimming pool within lush greenery is perfect for calming or relaxing. A brand new addition to the Deluxe Beach Bungalow is a second plunge swimming pool on the front sun deck, lit with fiber optic lights at night.

Relax on your daybed or sun loungers while enjoying the tropical Maldives resorts scenery.  These Maldives islands bungalows offer extremely spacious living area with an array of luxurious fabrics and an even more selective range of designer furnishings.

Lagoon Bungalow With Plunge Pool

exterior-view-lagoon-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel bedr-room-lagoon-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel private-pool-lagoon-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel bed-room-night-view-lagoon-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel
  • exterior-view-lagoon-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bedr-room-lagoon-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • private-pool-lagoon-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-night-view-lagoon-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 130 Sqm No of Suits : 12
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Lagoon bungalow with plunge pool have their split level layout lead into the beautiful tropical waters and feature a private deck with sala and a separate deck for sunbathing with panoramic views of the beautiful blue ocean.

The Bose surround sound system with its 40" plasma screen has speakers throughout. Listen to your favorite tunes music in your freshwater pool or free standing bath cantilevered over the Ocean.


Ocean Bungalow With Plunge Pool

exterior-view-ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel exterior-view-2-ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel bed-room-ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel bath-room-ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel front-view-ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel ocean-beach-2-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel bed-room-2-ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel
  • exterior-view-ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • exterior-view-2-ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bath-room-ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • front-view-ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • ocean-beach-2-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-2-ocean-beach-bungalow-with-plunge-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 160 Sqm No of Suits : 12
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The aptly named Ocean Bungalow With Plunge Pool look towards the vast Maldives Islands Ocean for miles and miles. Exploring your three tier wooden sun deck, you find a freshwater infinity swimming pool, dining area, attractive daybed and sun tanning terrace.

The living room, featuring a 50 inch plasma with Bose surround system, and could be easily transformed from state of the art theatres to soothing massage room with glass floors for viewing the clear waters below the villa.

Post massage, sink into your oversized Jacuzzi fresh water bath and lose yourself in the endless shades of blue stretching toward the horizon of the world.

Ocean Pavilion With Private Pool

arial-view-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel ocean-view-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel bed-room-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel ocean-view-2-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel bed-room-2-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel ocean-view-3-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel bed-room-3-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel night-view-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel
  • arial-view-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • ocean-view-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • ocean-view-2-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-2-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • ocean-view-3-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-3-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • night-view-ocean-pavilion-with-private-pool-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 330 Sqm No of Suits : 2
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The Ocean Pavilion With Private Pool ( Plunge swimming Pool ) is set 200 meters out over the this Maldives island lagoon, these stunning Pavilions face the sunset and are the last word in pampered Maldives luxury resorts.

Privacy is assured as access to these wooden walkways is for Pavilion residents only. Your private fiber optic lit infinity swimming pool flows from the indoors out and blends with the islands horizon. The infinity edge Kohler bath that fills from the ceiling forms a centerpiece, while the hydro body spa shower is pure indulgence.

The luxurious master bedroom is very open plan. A second bedroom with 32" plasma and direct access to its own outdoor deck completes each Pavilion.

A dedicated Thakuru ( Personal Butler ) is at your service 24 hours a day for your entire Maldives vacation.


private-pool-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel bed-room-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel living-area-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel kitchen-area-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel poola-area-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel entertainment-area-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel entertainment-area-2-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel poola-area-2-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel
  • private-pool-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • living-area-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • kitchen-area-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • poola-area-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • entertainment-area-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • entertainment-area-2-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • poola-area-2-cube-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 463 Sqm No of Suits : 1
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CUBE is nestled in a lush oceanfront garden enclave with direct access to the beach, the room is a sanctuary set in a luxurious world of its own. The open villa plan interior merges the warmth of organic textures with innovative form and shape. From the entrance of the villa , the foyer opens to reveal the living room, kitchen setup with a walk in pantry and dining room bathed in natural light of this Maldives resort . The solid wood dining table can seat up to 10 guests and, through the floor to ceiling full glass doors, looks out to the shaded plunge swimming pool garden and yoga pavilion.

Overlooking ahead the glowing lagoon from one level up, the luxury master bedroom and two guest rooms are bedecked with polished luxury timber floors and ceilings. The surrounded garden terraces enwrap the two semi outdoor bathrooms, and the Bose surround sound system along with the plasma screens and DVD players complete your luxury resorts Maldives experience.

Apart from the in room entertainment system, CUBE is featured with a wine fridge, fully stocked two mini bars, a special game room with the latest video game consoles and a lounge stocked with the movies of bestsellers along with the favorite playlists.

A private personal butler is on call 24 hours a day throughout your entire stay in your Maldives vacations



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  • celsius-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • celsius-2-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • celsius-3-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • celsius-4-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Open and easy. Outdoor or indoor. Sample Celsius by candlelight or in the bright Maldivian sunshine, refreshed by cool ocean sprays. Luxe-but-laid-back dining on a white sand floored deck branching out over the lagoon.


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  • umbar-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • umbar-2-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • umbar-3-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Vodkas clear as the Maldivian seas. Tropical juices, fresh coconut. UMbar at the water's edge. Overlooking the breathtaking infinity pool.


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  • raw-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • raw-2-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • raw-3-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • raw-4-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Innovative 'Raw' cuisine. For those who care about their bodies yet crave exquisite taste. Original. Creative. Natural. Restaurant and juice bar set over the water.


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  • salt-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • salt-2-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • salt-3-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • salt-4-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

A backdrop of transparent water by day, reflections of moonlight in the ocean at night. Inspired menus drawing on the array of sea life that swims beneath you.


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  • vinum-under-ground-wine-bar-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • vinum-under-ground-wine-bar-entrance-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • vinum-under-ground-wine-bar-stair-case-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Underground wine. Deep in the cool ground. Immerse yourself in all things vinum. A cave harbouring a collection unmatched by any other resort in the world


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  • fogli-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • fogli-2-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Traditional wood-fired pizzas beneath a canopy of palms. Fresh antipasti. Casual shoreside dining.

Private Dinning

Private dining experiences available nowhere else. Beneath the stars on a rock island with a private table for two. Underground style in the wine cellar. Or 24-hour dining in the intimacy of your bungalow.

Lime Spa

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  • lima-spa-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • lima-spa-2-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • under-water-spa-2-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • lima-spa-3-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Come out of your shell. A spa that invites you to try something new and different. Visionary treatments and settings. From over water pavilions to the world's first underwater spa treatment rooms.

Guided House Reef Snorkelling

Be guided by our team as we take you to the best spots, bringing you closer to our marine life. Before we snorkel, learn about the various marine life that you will encounter on your trip. This brief will be presented at The Lair.

Spa quarium

Discover underwater marine life at night and you’ll see hunting jackfish, lionfish and coral polyps catching plankton. Sip on Champagne and nibble on fruit skewers while our Resident Marine Biologist takes you down to our SpaReef. All this without getting wet!

Dolphin Cruise

Dolphin Cruise (Seasonal) An evening to remember sailing into the sunset with Dolphins swimming alongside your Dhoni or in the distance in their natural habitat.

Big Game Fishing (Upon Request)

Snag a barracuda at dawn and pursue a sailfish in the afternoon. In between, hunt for Wahoo, MahiMahi, Tuna, and Trevally. Take on the challenge. Please contact your Thakuru or FLOAT.

Seaplane Photo Flights

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  • small_thumbphoto-flight-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbphoto-flight-2-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbphoto-flight-3-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbphoto-flight-4-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Glide above the Maldivian atolls and capture a bird’s eye view of the unspoiled islands. The perfect way to understand the unique geographical positioning of the islands in the Maldives.

Sandbank Snorkelling Safari

The Maldives is famed for its underwater treasure of vibrant corals, hundreds of schooling fish and reef sharks. Our Marine Biologist will introduce you to the marine life you will encounter and guide you to different reefs situated outside of the lagoon, as you watch and learn in amazement about life underwater.


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  • small_thumbsailing-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbwater-entertainment-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbwind-surfing-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Float - Corals and fans cling to overhangs and cliffs. Mantas glide through the water. Explore vibrant dive sites throughout the atoll. Slice through the waves on a catamaran. Canoe the reef in a see-through glass kayak – as crystal clear as the waters below.

Library and Business Centre

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  • small_thumblibrary-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumblibrary-2-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
The Lair Retreat to The Lair to connect. Find DVDs, magazines, books and games.


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  • small_thumbwedding-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbwedding-2-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbwedding-3-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbwedding-4-huvafen-fushi-maldives-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Unforgettable romance. Soaring beauty. Huvafen Fushi offers unmatched settings for the renewal of vows or wedding ceremonies. Say 'I do' under the turquoise waves or along a stretch of white sand at sunset. Life's most important moments, Maldivian style. Please note - These experiences are intended to allow you to express your passion and love for each other in a memorable destination - the experiences are ceremonial rather than legal commitments.

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