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Gili Lankanfushi

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, Distance From Airport - 6 Km / 3.73 Miles, Transport to hotel aprox 20 Mins by Speed Boat

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Crusoe Residences

crusoe-residences-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili crusoe-residences-2-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili crusoe-residences-3-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili crusoe-residences-4-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili interior-crusoe-residences-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili bath-room-crusoe-residences-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili
  • crusoe-residences-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • crusoe-residences-2-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • crusoe-residences-3-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • crusoe-residences-4-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • interior-crusoe-residences-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • bath-room-crusoe-residences-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
Villa Size : 250 Sqm No of Suits : 7
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Crusoe Residences stand alone in the pristine waters of the turquoise Ocean for utmost privacy.

A private rowing boat or by pontoon boat shuttle is the only way these amazing villas can be accessed. Feel the luxurious peace and harmony; accompanied only by the beautiful Maldives islands Ocean.

Villa Facilities and Ammenities:

  • • Total area 250 sqm
  • • King-sized bed
  • • Private rowing boat/pontoon boat shuttle to main island
  • • Large air-conditioned living room with two large daybeds and a dining table (convertible to an additional bedroom)
  • • Additional television with satellite channels and DVD player in living room
  • • Kitchenette
  • • Rooftop sun deck with daybed and dining facilities
  • • Over-water sun deck with sun loungers
  • • Mini wine cellar
  • • Open-air private bathroom with separate glass walled shower area


residence-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili residence-2-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili bed-room-residence-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili residence-3-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili bath-room-residence-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili bath-room-2-residence-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili
  • residence-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • residence-2-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • bed-room-residence-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • residence-3-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • bath-room-residence-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • bath-room-2-residence-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
Villa Size : 250 Sqm No of Suits : 8
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Residences perch high above the transparent turquoise water, at the end of the jetties with unbelievable panoramic views. In these particularly spacious Maldives hotel Residences, life at the water’s edge is best experienced with its, open-air bathroom, private water garden and some with Jacuzzis.

Centimeters above the azure water in an equally inviting location is the sun deck.

Each Residence has a very large air conditioned living room with two large day beds and a dining table can be easily converted to an additional bedroom.


Villa Facilities and Ammenities:

  • • Total area 250 sqm
  • • King-sized bed and some with two single beds
  • • Large air-conditioned living room with two large daybeds
  • • A dining table (convertible to an additional bedroom)
  • • Additional television with satellite channels
  • • DVD player

The Private Reserve

the-private-reserve-room-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili1 the-private-reserve-2-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili the-private-reserve-3-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili the-private-reserve-4-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili the-private-reserve-5-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili bed-room-the-private-reserve-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili private-treatment-room-the-private-reserve-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili bath-room-the-private-reserve-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili
  • the-private-reserve-room-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili1.jpg
  • the-private-reserve-2-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • the-private-reserve-3-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • the-private-reserve-4-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • the-private-reserve-5-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • bed-room-the-private-reserve-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • private-treatment-room-the-private-reserve-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • bath-room-the-private-reserve-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
Villa Size : 1400 Sqm No of Suits : 1
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The Private Reserve is gigantic and with utterly lavish living space in the middle of the turquoise blue lagoon make total enjoyment with uninterrupted 360 views of the blue Ocean.

The 5 unit building is designed in rustic chic style and sits totally separately around 500 meters from island Gili Lankanfushi and 300 meters from the closest villa, accessible only by a boat. Relish the aquatic beauty of Maldives in a world of your own.





Villa Facilities and Ammenities:

  • • Total area 1,400 sqm
  • • 2 master suites, each with ceiling to floor windows on 3 sides
  • • Private indoor and outdoor relaxation areas and sundecks
  • • 1 guest room with en-suite bathroom located on the 2nd floor
  • • All bedrooms, spa, master suite and indoor relaxation areas are air-conditioned
  • • A large central open plan living area with sea garden, natural coral pool, surrounding viewing/ sun decks, dining area, writing desk and daybeds
  • • Unique open-air 100sqm private bathroom with separate glass walled shower enclosure
  • • Each master suite has a relaxing 2-person bathtub built over coral gardens
  • • Private spa facility with sauna, steam room, indoor and outdoor treatment pavilion and upstairs air-conditioned gymnasium
  • • Entertainment/library suite with the latest plasma and audio-visual technology
  • • Individually controlled music throughout the villa
  • • Resident Mr and Mrs Friday (Personal Butlers) on call 24 hours
  • • Fully equipped gourmet kitchen available for private dining, snacks, healthy drinks or coffee and tea
  • • Residents will be invited to design their own cellar selection from our list of 300 labels
  • • For the light hearted, a waterslide is installed from the top deck into the coral pool
  • • Rooftop sun deck with daybed and two outdoor dining pavilions
  • • Sea level sundecks with sun loungers offering direct access into the crystal clear coral gardens and amazing marine life
  • • Personal, easy-to-use motorised transfer boats exclusive to guests. Alternatively Mr Friday will captain and transport residents

Villa Suite

villa-suite-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili villa-suite-2-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili villa-suite-3-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili villa-suite-4-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili bed-room-villa-suite-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili villa-suite-5-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili villa-suite-6-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili bath-room-villa-suite-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili
  • villa-suite-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • villa-suite-2-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • villa-suite-3-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • villa-suite-4-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • bed-room-villa-suite-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • villa-suite-5-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • villa-suite-6-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
  • bath-room-villa-suite-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
Villa Size : 210 Sqm No of Suits : 29
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Located over the water at either side of a jetty, this luxury Maldives hotel Villa Suites reflects a harmonious life on the water’s edge.

Sit back, relax while looking out to the lagoon, basking in the sun on your own ‘over water’ wooden sundeck or enjoy your luxurious private oasis on the hidden rooftop wooden sundeck with daybeds as well as dining facilities.

Villa Facilities and Ammenities:

  • • King-sized bed
  • • Large open-air living room with daybeds and dining area
  • • Rooftop sun deck with daybed and dining facilities
  • • Over-water sun deck with sun loungers
  • • Open-air private bathroom with separate glass walled shower area

Main Restaurant

Located on the west beach of Lankanfushi, offering a superb natural environment, the Main Restaurant is the place to enjoy a relaxing breakfast or romantic dinner. The style of food caters to all requirements and offers a combination of dishes that allows East to meet West in culinary synchrony. Opening Hours: Breakfast: 7h30 to 10h30 Dinner: 19h30 to 22h30

Overwater Bar

The bar has been built on stilts over the shallow turquoise blue lagoon, with 360-degree views of the Indian Ocean stretching into the far horizon. Cooled by balmy sea breezes and serenaded by the gentle lapping of the lagoon, it is a magical spot to wine and dine. By day, the bar offers a casual menu featuring a wide selection of fresh salad leaves from the garden, sushi, Mediterranean delicacies, daily catch of fish, imported meats as well as local spices and herbs. Opening Hours: All Day: 11h30 to till the last guest leaves Lunch: 12h30 to 1500

By The Sea

By The Sea presents a fusion Peruvian-Japanese culinary adventure combining breath-taking views of the ocean with intimate dining for just 26 guests. Located at the top of a double story facility located on the island, the restaurant features an exclusive dining experience with five tables and daybeds, in addition to the Sushi Bar and bistro seating. The expansive tasting menu fuses traditional Japanese with indigenous European, Asian and Peruvian flavours. Local ingredients are used, which include the daily catch and fresh organic produce picked from the resort’s own gardens. Our signature dishes are well accompanied by a fine selection of Japanese sakes and an extensive list of wines. Opening Hours: 19h30 to 22h30

The Wine Cellar & Underground Chocolate Cave

Enter through a doorway and descend down a flight of glass stairs to a chilled, cavernous cellar underground. Slip on a winter fleece and put on a hot water bottle under your feet as you explore more than 600 varieties of wine from more than 30 regions around the world. Wine tasting and wine dinners are hosted by our sommelier who will educate and surprise you, stimulating your palate with unexpected food pairings. There’s also the opportunity to discover handmade chocolates as well as artisanal cheese and cold cuts from the deli room.


Picture this…A table dug into perfect soft sand, huge cushions, a swimming pool along side, a hermit crabs view of the ocean as the sun gently descends over Lankanfushi lagoon, lanterns flickering, the smell of charcoal drifting across the beach, a wonderful sense of the world at your feet, sand between your toes. Then, picture your waiter bringing you a series of beautifully decorated dishes inspired by the Indian Ocean, lit by alifanfenda (fire).


Our shaded garden table is discreetly positioned within the Organic Garden, a sensorial feast of amazing aromas from exotic herbs and fruit and lush foliage. This is ‘Leaf’, our new dining experience in which we serve a menu inspired by the garden. Choose either a barbecue or zero carbo menu.

One Palm Island

One Palm Island is the iconic location in this unique overwater resort. The ultimate desert island retreat with only one palm tree, now with its own jetty and cushioned seating. By day it is the perfect place to laze and bathe as you watch the local ‘dhonis’ (boats) go by; by night it becomes the most romantic place to dine in the Maldives, illuminated with candles and lanterns. Sit at our west-facing table and blend into the sunset, before enjoying a bespoke barbecue with premium cuts.

Swing by the Sea

Enjoy a sensational Japanese tasting menu and world class sake on a quiet, east-facing beach between our overwater spa and ‘By the Sea’ restaurant. Intimate is the word that best describes this experience with just you, a table, a couple of loungers and a swing and the best Japanese food for several hundred miles in any direction.

Jungle Cinema

What is your favourite film? How about watching it in the open air, surrounded by dense tropical foliage while dining on a Hollywood or Bollywood themed dinner? This must be the ultimate movie/dining experience - Watching the ‘stars’ beneath the stars.


Our elevated dining area in the Organic Garden enjoys stunning 360 degree sea and garden views with a menu designed to challenge the senses. The table is carefully positioned to make the most of natural breezes but also to ensure absolute privacy as you watch the dying embers of the sun and toast the unexpected pleasure of the day to come.

Palm Beach

A Bedouin-inspired dining experience set on the vast Palm Beach. Recline on Arabic style low level seating before enjoying an authentic Arabian menu including lamb cooked in the ground, a style of cooking that is also a traditional Maldivian method.

Underground Wine Cellar

Wine tasting: For a less formal daytime experience, sheltered from the sun, join our sommelier in the cellar for a wine and chocolate or wine and cheese tasting Gourmet Wine Dinner: Our subterranean Wine Cellar makes for a spectacular dining venue. (It is chilly down there, so we provide fleeces and hot water bottles). To help you explore a small proportion of the 700 World class wines available, we serve mouthwatering dishes with wines personally selected by our sommelier.

Other Dining Experiences

Dine at the Gili Lankanfushi Maldives Resorts and enjoy the exclusive dining experience, set with that unique personal touch. Simply inform your ever friendly Mr Friday your culinary wish for the day, and he will arrange your unparalled dining adventure. Our other dining experiences available in the resort include: › Wine dinners with visiting wine makers and celebrity chefs › In-villa dining menu designed around our guests’ favourite cuisine and dishes › Private in-villa gourmet barbeque are also available › Eat healthy with lunches or dinners set in the Organic herb and vegetable garden › Secluded private dining experiences at One Palm Island, Palm Beach, Leaf, Horizon, Swing By The Sea and Jungle Cinema

Meera Spa

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  • over-water-meera-spa-gili-lankanfushi-maldives-hotels-boutique-and-luxury-hotels-resorts-soneva-gili.jpg
Meera Spa View more Photos Meera means ocean in the Sanskirt language, and glass floor panels beneath the massage tables offer a peek underwater to heighten the sensual experience. The Spa offers a range of holistic therapies, and the signature bamboo massage with warmed aromatic oils presents yet another new encounter. Other facilities include six overwater treatment rooms, a yoga or Tai Chi champa, steam and sauna rooms, as well as a relaxation area with panoramic views of the sea. Opening Hours : 9am to 9pm Meera Spa is a member of Healing Hotels of the World Massage Therapy The Bamboo Massage is excellent for reducing stress, working out knots and loosening up tight muscles. This therapy utilises bamboo rods of different sizes and warmed aromatic oils for a sensory experience. If you’d like to try other indulgent massage treatments, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the extensive massage selection; the Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage, for example, is just perfect when you’re seeking balance and serenity. Ocean Therapy Harness the power of the sea with Voya Organics – an exclusive seaweed-based range that is used in Meera Ocean Therapy. Hand-harvested seaweed is blended with the best of certified organic ingredients for detoxifying treatments that support skin regeneration and renewal, increase circulation and promote healing with minerals. Therapies range from body polishes to seaweed leaf wraps to seaweed baths, and are based on an age-old sailor’s cure for skin and bodily ailments dating back 300 years. Facial Therapy Put your best face forward with Sodashi – a luxury skincare range that is used in Meera Facial Therapy. Therapeutic-grade essential oils and plant actives regenerate the skin and impart a deep sense of wellbeing to spirit and mind. When combined with a facial massage, ingredients such as flower petals, organic herbs and earth clays heal and nurture our skin. Spa Boutique Drop by our Spa Boutique and take the Meera feeling home with you. Our boutique features an exclusive selection of products from Voya Organics and Sodashi, while the newly launched Meera Lifestyle offers a home spa range that includes chakra crystal jewelry, silk sarongs, beach caftans, lavender eye pillows, handmade ceramics, environmental aromas and body products made with Meera signature essential oil blends. Masters In Residence Program To complement our highly-trained international spa team, Meera Spa also has a Masters in Residence programme. Throughout the year, we present visiting holistic practitioners and renowned healers to provide additional wellbeing services. All specialists have their own gifts to offer and some of these include sound therapy, crystal therapy and craniosacral therapy, among many other alternative healing methods.


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  • small_thumbgililankanfushi-dive-5.jpg
  • small_thumbgililankaanfushi-dive-edit-41.jpg
  • small_thumbgililankanfshi-diving-edit-3.jpg
  • small_thumbgililankanfushi-diving-edit-2.jpg
Ocean Paradise Dive Centre The Ocean Paradise Dive Centre’s multilingual PADI instructors as well as the small dive group sizes ensure that guests of all experience levels get the best service at all times. This PADI dive centre is equipped with the latest equipment, while many renowned dive sites including world famous Manta Point are within a 10-minute boat ride from the resort. Click here to read more on our Underwater World Blog

Fitness Centre

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  • small_thumbgililankanfushi-gym-edit-1.jpg
The fitness centre is located at the water’s edge amidst greenery gives a panoramic and clandestine view of the ocean seen through glass walls. Natural elements are used in the décor, with lighting and ambience to complement the surroundings. An iPod dock further enhances your regular workout, completing this exhilarating experience

organic garden

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  • small_thumbgililankanfushi-organic-garden-edit-1.jpg
Tended by our own garden team, the organic garden provides many of the fresh fruits, salads, herbs and mushrooms for our kitchens. We boast the best rocket in the world!

Library and Business Centre

There is a selection of easy reading and reference books. Guests can also use the desktop computer with complimentary internet access, as well as the attached printer. Wireless internet is available here, at the Bar and all guest villas.

Jewellery Boutique

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  • small_thumbgililankanfushi-jewellary-edit-1.jpg
  • small_thumbgililankanfushi-boutique-edit-2.jpg
Superb handicrafts, clothing items, curios and souvenirs are all available at our Gallery, which is located adjacent to the Library. Adjacent to the Gallery, you’ll find Sifani, our island jewellery boutique, which is open daily from 9:30am to 1pm and from 4:30pm to 10:30pm.


Celebrations turn into memorable milestones at Gili Lankanfushi. Hold the wedding of your dreams in our over-water chapel - the only one in Maldives. Pop champagne as you watch the sun set from a dhoni cruise and savour the night with a private dinner on One Palm Island. Whether it’s a wedding, honeymoon or special occasion you’re looking at, we can help put together a tailor-made package for those special moments as you envisioned it to be

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